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Thread: 2005 Nissan Teana (Maxima, Cefiro)

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    I carried the case to my car, trying to put it inside the glovebox in front of passenger seat...
    Opps! It did not fit, the cover couldnot be closed.
    That was my bad... i should have measured sizes of both the case and the glovebox.

    So, i had to think of another way to put the case inside.
    I went to survey for the location and found that it was possible to put the case instead of 6 disc CD changer (which was unusable after i installed Xcarlink).

    After taking off CD changer, i tested the size with actual case. Well, it would be fitted without case front panel.

    In order to install the case, the frame has to be done first. I used metal bars (with holes at every 2 cms, sorry i don't know how to call this in English) to create case's frame.

    Then, glued and wrapped the frame with foam rubber.

    After fixed the frame to computer case, it was installed nicely.

    Putting back the glovebox to see if it fits... well, it is.

    Glovebox cover is closed, now the whole computer is burried inside the car.

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    As i looked at the case's front panel which i took off during the installation, i got an idea to use it. I drilled a hole on the front panel and put the main power rocker switch (from battery).
    Reset (momentary) switch is also at the front panel.

    At the back of the golvebox CD changer hole, there are 3 screw holes (i don't know what these holes are for, but i guess they are to fix cover plate for car model without CD changer). So, i made fix legs for the front panel using these holes. I used epoxy putty to form those legs.

    Lastly, the case's front panel is installed to the glovebox. Now with power and reset switches, also power, harddisk, and PSU LEDs are wired to display at the front panel.

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    headlamp and grille

    Hi. Im in africa and cant see to get parts for the nissan teana 230jm 2003 model on the net. I need headlamp and front grill. Canu please help me? [email protected]

    Quote Originally Posted by senee View Post
    Hello from Thailand.

    First of all, I have to say sorry if i made any mistake in English... it's not my native language.

    I started CarPC project for my Nissan Teana in December 2009. Actually, i built CarPC to this car once in 2005, but was too busy to get it done at the time. So, this is the second attempt for the project.

    Nissan Teana is official J31 model name in Thailand and some countries. In some countries, like in Taiwan, it named as Cefiro. The same base model is for Nissan Maxima in the USA.

    Here is the photo of the car to install CarPC.

    Of course, before starting the install, i planned about what the CarPC will do for me.
    - Media Player (MP3, Video, DVD)
    - GPS (Navigation)
    - OBD-ii (read engine data)
    - Camera (Reverse Camera and Front Camera)

    Then, i continued searching and planning on what hardware i need to achieve above functions...

    - Computer Set (Mainboard, RAM, HDD, Case)
    - Power Supply Unit (with ignition)
    - Device to pass audio from computer to the car head unit
    - Monitor with touchscreen
    - GPS receiver
    - ODB-ii device
    - DVD drive
    - Reverse Camera and Webcam
    - etc.

    Well... all of these sounds simple. I think it is the same for anyone who plan to build a CarPC.

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    Any updates on this?
    "Live Free!!!...It's all about Open Source"
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    This is great.

    I have been wanting to use the Aux on my 2003 Nissan Teana 230JK which is a J31 as well. My question is, what is the exact market name of the xcarlink, brand name and model and where can I find one as I have tries ebay and amazon with no joy.

    Best regards...

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