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Thread: 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid Install Worklog

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    I had to go back and look at that diagram again to make sure before i posted.

    To answer your questions:

    Question 1:

    Because the power cord has three wires in it:

    The 20.0 main output of the P2140 goes only to the main power of the laptop.
    The ID line that comes from the brick goes to the laptop.
    The ground from the P2140 is connected to both the brick ground, and the laptop ground.

    Question 2:

    The white and green wires are not the ones on the plug itself but the relay pins on the inside of the P2140 that come off of the board itself. these are connected to the power button on the dock, or the power button on the laptop. (The P2140 just connects them together to pulse the laptop on or off)

    Yes I was able to get BOTH a successful startup and shutdown from the P2140. I am NOT using the USB at all. I remember having to flash the P2140 to the newest firmware and had to adjust the settings so it would have a shorter start pulse. because when it did the startup with default settings the system on pulse was too long and would turn on the laptop and then it would promptly turn off (2 secs). If you have any other questions let me know.

    I actually do not use the M1710 laptop anymore because it is incompatible with the touch screen i wanted to use, but besides that it was a great working system.

    Good luck!

    Post here or PM me if you need any help.
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    What mounting kit did you use?

    I was wondering what mounting kit you used to put in the 7" screen. I want to run a table in that area (Galaxy Tab) and I am working on trying to figure out how I would mount it without it looking unprofessional. Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    The monitor i used is:

    The mounting kit I used is the following:

    Let me know if you have any other questions, sorry for the time it took to respond, as i am redoing the whole setup except the monitor.

    ---------- Post added at 08:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:14 AM ----------

    New system redesign: See first post for all the equipment specifications.

    I have been away for a bit pending a lot of research. I have settled on a completely new system that has a bit more horsepower then a ATOM processor. I was not comfortable seeing a score of 2.2 for that processor.

    Most all of the USB components are the same as i have the same needs as before. I added however a new +5v Regulator to run a remote mounted USB hub up by the passenge front seat.

    Name:  USB Mounting.JPG
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    I will add more infomation and pictures when I actually install the rest of the system in about 3 weeks.
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    I finally got the computer built and in the car but I am having trouble with the startup shutdown controller a CNX-P2140 DC-DC regulator. I posted a question in the 2140 forum and hope to get an answer soon. I am just wondering why i am getting a feedback of 3.5-4.0v on the ignition lead when the ignition is off and there is NO power coming from the ignition circuit. If i can get this issue resolved then i can have a nice test bed for the OM platform.


    I found out what the problem was with the startup / Shutdown controller

    The Ignition wire had a residual 3.5 vdc on it holding the controller on and not shutting down the system, once this was eliminated everything worked ok.

    New Schematics , and layouts.
    Name:  Top.JPG
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    Name:  Bottom.JPG
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    Name:  Layout.JPG
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    This past weekend i had a CNX-P5V power supply failure, so i am currently waiting for a new one to arrive.
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    Testing Reply Posting here

    Will post pictures soon of the revised install.

    Another word of note for anyone who has a honda civic hybrid
    The exhaust vent for the battery ventilation is in the trunk, which dumps a lot of heat there during driving.

    I need to devise a way to vent this heat to the outside air (one way)

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