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Thread: 06 Accord CarPC - LOTS of pictures!

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    May 13th - Lots of Little Parts

    Thursday May 13th:

    So I've been sitting on some parts for a few days. You know how it is, work or personal life gets busy - and hobby takes a backseat.

    Alright, so with the Car2PC I needed a 25' Male to Female stereo mini cable, and I'm planning full hands free integration - so I needed two. I love the feel of these cables. Still haven't had a chance to test 'em fully, but will do before final installation in the car.

    I'm all about some random fillers whenever I order from MonoPrice, so I threw in some screen cleaner and cable tie mounts. I used the screen cleaner on my desktop LCD - it works really well. I'll rebuy it.

    From Newegg I ordered a 3.5 to 2.5 adapter. Most commonly used for your SSD, I'm using for the laptop drive in the case. I got a Silverstone branded adapter to use in the Rosewill case. It was among the cheapest, it wasn't plastic, and I can put two drives in it. I like how it fits in the case, it sits just above the RAM.

    From Mo-Co-So I ordered a new Lilliput harness as the old one in storage got some minor cuts in it. It works - but I want to be sure I've got a better one to use. I also ordered the SoundMAX Superbeam Andrea microphone. This always seems to get rave reviews. It is bigger than what I would have liked, but I'll find a spot for it.

    I also stopped at the local hardware store and picked up some little washers for the M4. I got the smallest ones I could find, they're still quite thick though.

    Tomorrow the completed mute fabrication should arrive. I've started installing software on the CarPC, I've got Windows 7, Centrafuse, XPort, & Garmin all installed. Lots more installing, configuring, and testing to be done!

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    Any updates? I am also interested in finding out where you are going to place the M4...

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    I've not had a chance to do the install. I wanted to do it over the extended weekend, but that didn't work out. Things came up and so the install got pushed back a week. I've got tomorrow off for my son's last day of school, but I'm gonna try and get a bit done tomorrow evening. A little done on Saturday, and hopefully some done Sunday.

    The M4-ATX will go inside this enclosure that I purchased. It fits into the power supply spot of my case.

    More details on it here. And I'll have plenty of pictures when I do the install, with final placement results.

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    No more details or pictures? Im also intrested in a Honda Accord...

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