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Thread: 2007 - Peugeot 307 - Brazilian

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    2007 - Peugeot 307 - Brazilian

    Currently I am using an old laptop to test but I'm buying a mini-itx board and cabinet ..

    I'm using a screen betr 7 "vga touch ...

    after a few hours of plastic modeling with mass ...

    final result of modeling ... that hole is for the remote control sensor

    test assembly .. advance of the final result

    The output video from my old nootebook is the problem, then the image does not display correctly, but did tests on my home PC and the picture was perfect.

    Until Wednesday I begin the process of painting and assembly in the car .. once you have new pics .. I'll update the Worklog

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    Congratulations thats going very good... Im starting this weekend my Peugeot 307 project too. I have bought a Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T 7" , and build a mini-Itx PC, right now Im testing diferent configurations to get all the staff stable (wifi, bluetooth, GPS, etc..). Ill post my pics too.

    post more pictures of the making off!!... Take care.. and Nice job!

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    After much patience, finally the project was born ..

    Follow the screen shots and finished installed on the panel.

    Photo of PC .. mini-itx with source m2-atx, bluetooth, radio.

    Not intend to put as a module under the seat or in the trunk, I decided to put it behind the screen .. in the former location of the radio .. a 4-channel module with small size .. only 70wrms channel ..

    Hope you like the result, soon I'll post pictures of the car, and photos with better quality ..

    I am facing some problems of noise, both from the engine (acceleration noise) as an outside interference that is normalized so that windows boots

    Pegatron Atom 330 dual core 1.6ghz hyperthread
    2Gb Ram ddr2 667
    HD 160 Samsung Notebook
    256mb shared Video
    TV and Radio PixelView 8000GT
    Currently the system is no CD drive, do not intend to install.
    Running Windows XP SP2, with boot (hibernation) for only 6 seconds .. Cold Boot in just 32 seconds

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    That looks great!!! Good job.

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