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Thread: Ford BF XR8 Ute

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    Ford BF XR8 Ute


    This is my Worklog for my Ford BF XR8 Magnet Ute in Silhouette.

    I'm in the process of purchasing all the car audio gear for my car.

    I already have the HU & Speakers

    Alpine CDA 117E HU
    Alpine SPR-17S Splits
    Alpine PDX-4.150 Amp
    Alpine PLT-5, Powered LAT Subwoofer System

    I will be pulling the ute off the road in a few weeks and pulling all the interior out.
    I will be fully installing Dynamat Extreme to the roof, floor, doors & rear cab.
    I have a fair idea on how to hook it all up.
    Just the PLT-5 has me concerned, because it's self powered.
    So I'm not exactly sure how that gets wired up etc.
    I hope to provide many photos along the way.


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    Today I fully stripped the interior, roof lining, carpet, rear cab carpet, door trims etc.

    I also removed my front bar. I'm in the process of priming a fibreglass Ford BF GT Front Bar.

    Yesterday I had some DBA 4000 Slotted Rotors & Bendix SRT brake pads fitted to the front of the car.

    Front bar removed

    Slotted Rotors

    Off side wiring loom. This is where I'll be running my power wires.

    My beer of choice, Tooheys Old

    I found these papers in the roof, they're Paint Quality Tracking Cards

    Head lining removed

    Centre console removed

    Rear cab & B pillar

    Next week I will vacuum all the dirt out, and then I will wax & grease remove all the inside to prepare it for Dynamat Extreme.


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    Front bar removed in preparation of a new fibreglass Ford BF GT Bar

    DBA 4000 Slotted Rotors with Bendix SRT Pads

    My beer of choice Tooheys Old

    Off-Side A-Pillar. This is where I'll be running my 4 gauge power wire

    Interior removed in preparation for Dynamat Extreme

    more pics next week
    cheers guys,

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    What about the PC?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    what pc ???

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    I don't know if you looked around at other threads at all before you posted, but they all are based off some aspect of a computer based system in the car. This is what this whole forum is about.

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