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Thread: 2007 Ford F350 Crew Cab Build

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    Here is the exact item that I bought from Amazon:
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilG View Post
    Here is the exact item that I bought from Amazon:
    Intel D945GCLF2 Dual Core ATOM
    Lilliput 7" 629GL 2008 LED Backlight
    BU-353 USB GPS Receiver / iGuidance / IGO8
    M2-ATX Power Supply
    RideRunner Front End / Various Skins
    Windows XP SP3

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    I can't let another winter go by without some more progress on this project. At this pace, the truck will be crushed at the salvage yard before it's ever finished.

    So here we go, I bonused out on a couple of sets of Jl Audio C5-650 speakers. One set of components & 1 set of Coaxial. I've come to realize that life isn't all about sub's about woofers if you listen to a lot of classic rock like I do. I listen to some Hip-Hop/Rap Urban etc and don't get me wrong, the sub is a lot of fun for that but the sub really won't help you out with good solid mid base and neither will Infinity speakers to be honest with you.

    I had cut a second set of Infinity's into the rear doors but there just isn't much room to work with in those doors and a lot of stuff & metal skeleton is in the off to the front they all go, better sound stage anyways even though just putting mid base in the rear would not really mess it up. The front doors are really going to have to get deadened now or the sound will be a nightmare.

    This is the door panel as I cut it up last time to install the infinity's. Not pretty but I thought I would be getting to what I am doing now a lot sooner:

    Name:  dp1v.jpg
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    So first the door pocket had to come off to make room for 2 sets of 6.5's. I drilled out the plastic "rivets from behind. I intend to move the pocket back to keep the functionality of it and somewhat of an OEM look:

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    Name:  dp3b.jpg
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    Here is how the original Infinity was mounted with a 5x7 to 6.5" round adapter plate:

    Name:  dp5f.jpg
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    Here I have mocked up the locations on the door based on existing openings, one of the c5's in the old hole and new location for second one:

    Name:  dp6sf.jpg
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    Cut out the hole as marked up from the mocked up adapter:

    Name:  dp7a.jpg
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    Name:  dp8k.jpg
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    And I should end up with something like this:

    Name:  dp9f.jpg
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    Make a Template to match up to the door panel and then to transfer to wood:

    Name:  dp10.jpg
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    Here is several more steps in the location selection. The problem is I am trying to match up speaker centres with existing holes while at the same time make sure I eliminate the rest of the factory grill opening as well as leave room for the plastic pocket I am relocating. My head hurts, I'll look at this again tomorrow.

    Name:  dp11t.jpg
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    Name:  dp12.jpg
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    Name:  dp13.jpg
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    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    Nothing is ever easy....

    Well, it's not going to be as simple as I thought. I guess I'm into full-on glass pods because the lower speaker will not lineup with the hole in the door and still allow for the pocket to be re-installed. The project just multiplied in size but it will get done.

    I have finalized the placement of the speakers, the lower will not be fully recessed.

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    Name:  img4323hr.jpg
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    Obviously a lot more to come.....
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    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    Wow just read through the whole thread and this thing it's coming along. Looking forward to more progress.

    So says Latinmaxima, so it shall be done!

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    ^^^ Well then , let's get er done!

    Since my "easy way out" approach did not work above, here we go with full speaker pods.

    Taped up the doors & coated the tape with some old Mothers wax I had laying around to ease release of the glass:

    Name:  img4325o.jpg
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    Layed up a couple of layers of glass:

    Name:  img4326ct.jpg
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    Released the panels with the tape still on the panel:

    Name:  img4328m.jpg
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    Then I removed the tape:

    Name:  img4327s.jpg
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    I'll let those sit for out in the sun for a while to gas off and hope they don't shrink too bad.

    That's it for now. Thanks for looking!!
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilG View Post
    I knocked off a couple more items on the list

    >Installed Inverter with remote Switch
    >Installed rear 12VDC power ports with switch

    Here is the inverter installed under rear seat. Notice the crack in the seat skirt- this is the result of taking the lazy way out and using body filler for an application it's not designed for. We all seem to have to try it once and find out it does NOT replace fiberglass. It's for skim coats only!!

    Here is the switch for inverter installed to the top right of the console.

    Here is the drivers side power port added which is useful for rear passenger to charge devices etc. or for me to reach in and plug in a trouble light to use outside the truck.

    Here is the passenger side port which will be very useful for me. My cooler can stay plugged into it without having to string a wire up to the front and have something plugged into the dash all the time (I hate that). Also both of these ports are switched by the extra switch I added to the switch panel (top left of the console in the second pic). So I don't have to unplug it anymore unless I am removing the cooler for a passenger.

    Thanks for looking!
    I noticed you posted this awhile back and listed it as knocking off a couple of items off your list.
    Well I think I am going to add a few.

    Apparently great minds think alike.

    I noticed you have installed 2 12V power ports for the rear passenger and already have an inverter under the seat.
    You also mentioned that you can plug a worklight in there and you have the cooler that you can move when you have rear passengers in there.

    Have you thought to take it to the next level?
    Think of tailgating and being able to have the cooler running with or without passengers.
    Oh and include the ability to plug things in the inverter to work and play without having to get in the cab.

    That is just what I did.

    I don't know if your bed is covered and or if you are brave enough to cut into your bed but that is as good and addition as any I feel should have come with our trucks from the factory

    Yes I had to cut a hole in the bed and I think with all the mods you've done you can do it too but that is something you should consider.
    Here are a few pics of mine just to give you an idea.
    I want to do a full write up someday but this is not the forum for it so you'll have to make do with these.

    Here you see my cooler in the bed as I was wiring it all up.

    Here's a broader pic showing where it is located in the bed with the 2 switches I installed to control power to the 12V outlet and the lights in the bed.
    I don't want the cooler running overnight when it is empty as that could surely drain my battery.

    Hope you see what I mean by factory installed option?
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    Dluvr22, that is a very clean OEM looking install you have there. As far as adding a GFI to the bed, I had that on my 99 & 03 Super Duty because I had a truck camper then and I was able to plug the shore cord of the camper into the GFI before lowering it into the truck bed - it worked great. I even ran the Roof A/C off it once going down the interstate but it flattened the batteries even while driving. In fact if you look at the pic of the inverter opened up on page 3, post#54, you can still see the wire running out the end of it. I used direct burial wire, the grey stuff. Your right though, I should install another, it would be handy. Great....another item added to "the list"......

    As far as a 12V power port, my bed is not covered due to a fuel tank that sits above the bed sides and a 5th wheel hitch so the cooler would not spend much time out there. If I need 12v at the rear of the truck, I usually just pull it from the trailer connector.
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    Hi PhilG,

    I see you are still working on your F350 and posting updates on this forum. You have made some progress since I last logged on.
    I've been absent from this forum for some time so I thought I'd say hello and tell you what has kept me away.

    You would recall I had my carputer up and running in my Mercedes Benz 300E and was fairly happy with it. I ended up selling the 300E, don't worry, I took all the carputer stuff out first. It was a nice car but I always liked the 300SE model more. Well on Jan 2nd I found a beautiful 300SE and fell madly in love with it so I shoved a fist full of $50 notes in the owner's pocket and drove home in it that day. The body and interior was as good as you could get for a car of it's age, 24 years, but it needed some mechanical work. Since then all my time and money has gone into rebuilding the suspension, exhaust, transmission and brakes. I have now got the grand old lady pretty much restored to showroom condition and use it as a daily driver.

    As for my carputer, its shelved at the moment until I can find the time and a way to install it without drilling and cutting holes in my new car. When I get around to it I'll still be using Centrafuse, and GMPC, as I haven't had the time to look at alternatives. I wont have to bother with Bluetooth integration. I installed a Bury CC9044 car kit which mutes the Kenwood head unit and puts it's audio out through the car's front left speaker. The Kenwood replaced the original Becker radio which died a couple of months after the purchase. It didn't have the phone mute function or Aux. input anyway. I was happy feeding the carputer's audio into the head unit in the other car so I'll do the same in this car. It'll be some time before I install the carputer because I have to do some work on my old BMW K100 motorcycle. Its my prefered mode of transport and it saves me a lot on fuel costs. Its done a lot of work so I need to renew the entire front and rear brake systems and fit new fork seals.

    Thats it from me for now. Take care.

    Regards, Neil

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    Good to hear from you Neil. 300SE, nice, inline 6 cyl (keep an eye on the heat gasket BTW), comfy car, a real highway cruiser, I'm sure you can come up with plenty of ways to spend you money on it! Make sure you update us when you start adding the PC to the Benz, that will make a great work log!
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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