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Thread: Bugbyte's iPad Connected Car Install

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    That video was found to be fake more than 6 months ago.

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    I will second that.
    There is no way possible of streaming video out of the dock connector after you have pressed the "lock/sleep" button, like they did at about 0:16.

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    Nice install! You are very brave to even undertake such a complex fabrication. I don't think I could chop up my dash like that LOL

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    Well. It is definitely a good fake! But I believe that it can be done! Look at mimics, it is the same idea. Time will tell. I still think 200USD is quite expensive for the module.

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    Haven't been here for awhile, just ran across this thread. You were one of the only open-minded people to back up the ipad potential claim, not to mention always being humble and open with your thoughts and ideas. (Not to mention smacking down the mac haters. Don't worry I have linux-love too..):

    Beautiful integration project.. keep up the great work!

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    Awesome mod

    Hey, this is pretty cool.

    Is there a way to control more than the audio equipment? Specifically, I was wondering if one could control the HVAC system as well.

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    I don't check back here very much at all since I finished my iPad install. I never completed the mirror installation because I simply upgraded to an iPad with 32 gigs of memory. I did swap out my old HU to replace it with an Alpine HU that has bluetooth. Now, when the iPad is in the car, it automatically connects to the HU with zero configuration.

    The installation bezel is looking a bit more worn than it did in these pre-install pictures. Specifically, some of the paint flaked off after about 2 years of exposure to high temps and sun even though I used adhesion promoter before spraying. And, due to leaky ducting in the dash, in the winter, I have to be careful not to blast the air through the upper vents as it can cause the iPad to overheat. I'll fix that this summer by fixing the leaks directly behind the iPad. It has only overheated once in the summer when the car was parked in the sun came and it was in direct sunlight under the glass sunroof and the inside of the car was about 150 degrees. A couple of minutes of A/C and it came back to life without damage or issue.

    Overall, I'd rate this installation as easily the best and most satisfying install I ever did. The hardware never quits, survives crank, doesn't require an expensive and flaky power supply, doubles as a mobile tablet for home use, connects to the car audio automatically, allows me to stream internet radio, provides access to all the tablet apps you want and when new apps are created, installation is easy and does not break my currently working installation. In addition, the quality of the touch screen makes it very responsive and I've never had an issue with brightness or readability. Sure, when the sun shines directly on it, it is harder to read, but I've not really had near the issues I did with my old Xenarc screens. Just the cost of one of those screens was more than half the price of the iPad alone.

    Although the iPad has less functionality than a standard PC install, its virtues entirely outweigh the time and effort I spent experimenting with Windows, OSX and Linux installs and hardware variations. It just works and it keeps on working - a marked change from my previous installations. Regardless, even the limited multitasking that iOS provides gives me enough functionality to, for example, use moving map navigation, run location notification programs that both record my track and email/facebook/tweet it to those I want to share it with all while streaming audio for a data cost of just $30 per month. Pandora, spotify, TuneIn radio and local iTunes plus I can get any iTunes song I've purchased from cloud storage if I really want it. If I don't mind the data charges, 4G LTE works pretty well to stream video in areas with coverage, or I can put the video directly on the iPad. I don't have OBDII connectivity, but it is also available if I wish. In addition, I have a wireless backup of my data and configuration at all times and I can carry the actual computer itself with me for security purposes plus use it for a variety of stuff when I'm not in the car without having to either buy a second computer or keep them synced.

    As far as functionality goes, the iPad isn't any more or less distracting than any of the other touchscreen designs I've ever tried out. Not having an in car interface is distracting, but there are several music players out there that allow swipes to control songs and volume using gestures and they work extremely well. The same rule applies to any distraction - don't operate the screen if it is distracting to you. Siri and voice navigation do work okay, but the functionality is a bit limited. Hopefully the in car integration that Apple is promising will help out in this area.

    Three years into this installation, I have little to complain about. I guess I could install an in-car WiFi hotspot and put a backup camera on it but frankly, looking behind me before I back up has worked pretty well for the 12 years I've owned this car. The tablet form factor with a high quality screen that is impervious to voltage issues, cranking of the engine, and that pops out of the top like a toaster pastry has really enhanced the in-car experience. It was quite fun to try to build all of these elements into the dash separately, to learn a lot about operating systems, integration, and troubleshooting, but at this point I've conceded the fact that a hardware package such as an iPad is "good enough" to make the grade. Others will continue to tinker, as they should. For me, the realization of an iPad in-dash install is good enough.

    None of this has anything to do with the tablet being an Apple product. I prefer Apples, but I am also certain that an Android tablet installation would yield identical results. The form factors and sizes are broader and rather than hacking your whole dash to include a giant iPad screen, you could go with a smaller, more manageable install of the Kindle Fire/iPad Mini size. It has certainly worked for me.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Thanks for the post! I found much the same thing when I completed an iPad install in my last car (which was subsequently killed ). While the possibilities with a PC are limitless, what the iPad offers is "good enough," and it always just works. In fact, I had more issues with the head unit the iPad fed its audio through than with the iPad itself (sometimes it would just refuse to recognize a device connected through the AUX until I fully shut the car down for a few seconds and restarted it. Particularly annoying when you realize what's going on right after you've pulled out onto the road).

    My current car I don't plan on keeping long, so I'm not doing an install, but my next car will almost certainly have an iPad (Mini?) mounted permanently. It really is the best way to do all the basics (NAV, music, weather and traffic notifications, email notifications, phone calls, etc). Even better if you have it set to automatically tether with your phone whenever it's near by to avoid that $30 data fee

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