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Thread: Renault Megane II – Eeepc install. Original HeadUnit (SPDIF sound – future planning)

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    Renault Megane II – Eeepc install. Original HeadUnit (SPDIF sound – future planning)

    Hello to all CarPc fans!!!

    After a lot of time spent here on forum, reading what ever people had done in there car, I start to build my own one.

    I will try to summarize what I had made.

    First the idea had come from another member of the forum that has a Megane, Cris.
    When I seen his set-up (on these forum) I definitely wanted to have a PC in my car. Of course I can’t get close to his set-up but I want to have as clean and simple as possible and more important on the smallest budget possible.
    In time I had seen people using eeepc as computer, and I start to make my studies. I can say it took one year until I start to build something.

    The support for the monitor I make it at my job, on a laser cutting machine. If someone wants I can give the DXF of it.
    The support that you in pictures is not exactly the last version of it but the base idea is the same.
    By using this type of support I was able to keep original HU and like that I was able to have “alive” the display of HU, plus even the dim function for night is used because the LCD backlight of the monitor is using the same power supply (is LED Backlight).
    I just made on that support the important buttons of the unit and I connect then direct to the HU, after searching on the original face the wiring contacts.
    The On/C button has to functions. Inside of that I put two SMD push buttons; one is turning ON the HU and the other one the PC. So if I press on the left side of the button is the HU and if I press the right side is the PC. The “CE” button is doing “Cd Eject” and the blue ones are for sounds, traffic info and mode (I only have to change the label on them). For the moment they are not illuminated but if are not ok I will ad some LEDs in the back of them. They are coming from a small pocket calculator. The missing buttons for volume +/-, scan +/- and source are on the wheel control.

    The location of the pc is inside, behind the glove box, connected with screws to a reinforcing bar of the car. Inside there is a lot of space and is open air so I don’t think that I will have problem with pc overheat. I hope to not have some issues with the pc because every time I’ll have to take glove box out to reach it.

    The power supply for the pc is made with an LM138 Adjustable Voltage Regulator and is set at 9.75V, and is only active when the engine is started. The PC is having the original battery.

    For people ho want to extend the cable for monitor on eeepc (if is still any remaining) I only can say it took me 5 hours. The rest of the soldering went ok but that one was enough difficult. I had lost only the keyboard on the process on relocating connections because it break it self, the plug for it is extended OK but the keyboard is having now some lines inside broken. Until I find another one I use OSK from windows or an USB one. I’m planning also to buy a touch screen, but in the future.

    For the sound first I used the normal analog AUX input of the HU but afterward I had seen that people that like to mod the eeepc discovered that the sound processor of it is capable to give 5.1 sounds on analog and also the spdif digital, and from the guys ho have the HU version “tuner list” I discovered that the HU is capable to accept sound on spdif via a small PIC emulator, ho is fooling the HU that is connected to a CD Changer, so I will start to build that to have maximum quality on sound. For the moment I’m steel looking for the PIC.
    For "rounding" the sound inside car I ad also an amplifier for a subwoofer, and for that I used as a box the space from the spare wheel. I only lift the bottom of the trunk with about 5 cm and made a door on which I install the speaker and the amplifier. The spare wheel is still there in the original position. The total volume for the air is about 45-50 liters (I think), which is sufficient for the moment. The "box" is "sealed" but now I’m thinking if I need to ad some tubes to make it "vented".
    That’s about all my setup.
    I hope that I don’t miss something.

    This is my Harware:

    Eeepc 4g (second hand buy)
    Homemade DC-DC power supply for computer (LM138 Adjustable Voltage Regulator)
    Extended original monitor from eeepc
    Special support to hold the monitor
    Cygnet Bluetooth GPS (had remain from my old pocket pc)
    Stock HU (behind the monitor, working as suport too)
    Spdif connection thanks to tlcdcemu PIC emu version and mod spdif_701
    Magnat Ultra 2000 for woofer
    Special enclosure for woofer
    Front camera (original camera form pc) - will be connected soon
    Rear view (plan to buy usb camera with night vision)

    Feel free to ask anything regarding the install

    Regards to all,
    And a big THANKS to this forum and for all the info that is having inside.

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    Please post some pictures... and glad to see Romania here too!
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    great job. do you have ssd or normal hdd?

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    I have 4GB SSD original comming from the laptop with system on it (with FBWF active), and another 2 drives one SD card of 4 GB with navi and an 8GB UBS stick with music and other. So everything goes on solid state to not have problem on hard-disks.

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