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Thread: 2010 smart fortwo install

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    2010 smart fortwo install

    hi, new guy. I have been lurking for a while and thought I mite give it a go. I see many talented people on this site and nice work buy all. last summer I broke down and bought a smart. After test driving it I was hooked. some think oddly of me but i like the car. It had an option for the loaded navi sysytem but for the money I thought, NOT, I could do better. For a few years now I have been gathering bits and pieces for a car pc and never got anything together or in anything. After I bought my car i decided it was time, but it has its own issues, space. After pulling the factory head unit out I saw potential, there is a bit of space. I had a system put in it for the end of the summer but I had some issues, mainly heat. so now I'm starting rev. 2. I saw on the mp3car site that they have a dash kit setup for the smart so I bought the parts and made one. On ver 1.0 I didn't like how the monitor was so far in the dash so i bought another scosche dash kit and took it to the router table and hogged out the back about 3/8" to bring the monitor more flush with the dash and added some usb ports. this way if i messed the first router attemp up i hade a spare. This is what i have so far.

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    Next I'm going to retink my actual computer housing setup to fit my nano-itx amp in it and improve air flow hopefully. When it's together the faceplate mounts to the computer to hold it all in the dash as one unit. It's very close quarters but it fits.

    more to come sometime, thanks
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    Here are some pic's of the computer that needs to be rearranged to try to get better air flow. ver. 1

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    Name:  DSC00805.JPG
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    and one with the front in place

    Name:  DSC00804.JPG
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    it appears to have a lot of room but once the wires are in, it gets a little close. need to get some more aluminum and play some more.

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