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Thread: All-in-one Atom330/ION project

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    Hi Nivanov,
    Did you succeed to revive your HD Radio?
    What about the reception quality of this radio and DCDC USB PSU, any interference or noises induced in your system?
    Thanks in advance.

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    My radio didn't actually die - Centrafuse didn't shut down correctly and ended up corrupting the config file for it. Just had to delete it and go through the setup again. As far as noises go, there's no interference from the PSU - I don't think there could be much, since the radio is powered by the harness directly. Whatever other noises are in the system, the TDA7850 denoiser circuitry takes care of it - that amp is awesome! I'm working on a new build and using the newer version of that amp again.
    My Project: All-in-one Double Din Unit

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    Great worklog, some skill getting everything into the Case...

    I can see why you said about getting the TDA7850 with the denoiser!

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