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Thread: Mazda MX3 by Chabas

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    Mazda MX3 by Chabas

    Hello guys,
    I want to show you my first car and my CA installation

    I started it around 2 year ago (and still changing something)

    So lets start:


    • Processor: Intel Atom 230 @ 1x 1.60GHz
    • Motherboard: Intel D945GCLF Mini - ITX
    • VGA: Intel GMA 950
    • Memory: 1GB GOODRAM DDR2 667 +5300MB/s
    • HDD: SAMSUNG 140GB
    • Power: M2-ATX 160W

    When I was starting my installation in car there was only 1 or mayby 2 persons in Poland which tried something like that... So first I needed to see if it will work...

    Started with small 2 channel Voicecraft Ampliefier

    I liked that effect so I needed to buy new stuff ;D First New Infinity Kappa 54A Ampliefier, Music card SoundBlaster XiFi 5.1, Vibe sec60 speakers on front and Rockford Fosgate subwoofer...

    Started with taking out all front plastics:


    And start of my installation:

    And over that hole there is red plexiglass:

    But still not installed ;D

    After one year I wanted to change ampliefier for Crunch GTX 4400 (front speakers) and second Blaupunkt GTA mk2 se (subwoofer) and now its looks like this:

    But after that I thought about rebuilding whole trunk... There is a lot of cables... Which I want to hide...

    Operating System: Windows XP SP3
    FrontEnd: InCar Terminal

    Using this Front because its free... and I really like how its looks
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    I finished preparing cover of my project... Finally I adjust my amplifier and its sounds great

    Worst part.... My power pack get crashed... ;/ 5V socket have only 0,22 V

    Ok... I tried that power pack and its working only in dumb mode ;/ When i switch it into any mode its not working ;/ Have no idea...
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