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Thread: 2008 Toyota Corolla -- Chris' Corolla

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    2008 Toyota Corolla -- Chris' Corolla

    Well, I've officially bitten the bullet and started on the project. Enough design work done to start fabricating and building. Here is the car:

    Here are the tech specs

    M350 Mini-ITX case
    TDA7850 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifier
    Double DIN LCD 669GL-RV-HB
    M4-ATX Smart Car PC Power Supply 250w
    BOXD525MW Intel Dual Core Atom Mini-ITX Motherboard
    Habey HB_NB037H Half mini-PCIe Wifi w/Bluetooth
    KVR1066D3SOK2/4GR Kingston ValueRAM 4GB (2 x 2GB)
    Kingston SSDNow V100 SV100S2/128GZ 2.5" 128GB
    DHD1000 Directed AM/FM/HD Radio Tuner
    TR7 PAC Audio pulse timer module
    MISC Relays, Switches, Wiring, etc.
    GPS15x Garmin OEM 15x Wired GPS
    Windows 7 Professional (32bit)

    I'll post the highlights here as I progress. A more detailed blog with larger pictures and more in depth descriptions will be on my personal website.

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    Glad to see you jumping in with a worklog to share your project. I look forward to your progress!

    BTW, do you have to keep the car under that roof so "they" can't see it? (ya, I know, your sick of the Roswell jokes..)

    Have you picked a front end yet?
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    Actually, that is an old picture, just a good one. I was renting that place before we bought the house we are in now. But yeah, it keeps 'them' from seeing if I'm home or not....

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    Alright. Nice to see another Toyota in the worklogs. I'll be watching as of the fact I'm a Toyota fan.

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    Welcome! Can't wait to see pics and progress.
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