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Thread: Nissan Stagea CARPC

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    Nissan Stagea CARPC

    hay guys,
    first post about the carpc i just installed the other day.
    car is a japanese Nissan Stagea Rs4 - RB25DET "NEO" 4WD WAGON

    Carputer specs:

    1GB DDR2
    32GB OCZ SSD Drive
    M2-ATX PSU
    Tiny XP (my serial number)
    Centrafuse 3.1 with maps
    BU-353 GPS
    nano Wifi adapter
    nano Bluetooth adapter
    Ultimate Radio (fm+DAB)
    250GB external HDD for media
    7" double din in-dash LCD touchscreen
    Samsung U70 USB only monitor for the rear

    i have installed the pc under the passenger seat and ran the wiring under the carpet either up the centre console or around the door sil on the floor.
    Speaker setup is pretty basic, std splits in the front powered by a small 500w 2ch amp that fits in the glovebox and a 12" sony sub powered by a rockford fosgate amp in the boot.

    question - getting a wine through the speakers, is this due to the power wiring or quaility of the internal sound card?

    so, pics of what it looks like now

    nissan datascan dash software that links into the cars ecu to give you the read outs

    ultimate radio plugin

    next on the list is to install a mic for the hands free, anyone have any ideas to what mic setup i should use?

    thanks guys

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    Damn that's the first time I'm seeing that model Nissan. I'm loving it! For the mic I'm sure most would say the Andrea Superbeam
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    That is the first time ever seeing a double din frame actually fit inside a dash like its suppose too. Nice work.

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    Looks good. The car looks like it should be a VW. by the way, I believe this should be in the "Show Off Your Project" forum and not the "Worklogs"

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    Good work, good to see another Aussie wagon on here. I love the Stagea's, might be the next car on the list for me I see you have a radio of some sort as well? You're wine could be due to earth issues on your antenna. I put an ground loop isolator between the radio (Craig Brass DAB+ Unit) on the 3.5mm audio cable that goes back to the PC and that helped. Do you get the wine with the radio plugged in?

    Ofcourse it could be something in the amp / pc setup too.

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    That car is awesome! I would have so much fun pimping that out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kolton5543 View Post
    Looks good. The car looks like it should be a VW. by the way, I believe this should be in the "Show Off Your Project" forum and not the "Worklogs"
    you should be shot for calling my car a vw!!!!!lol. it does get called a volvo alot too, which is probably worst..

    still havent finsihed the setup.

    soyfish - thanks for the info i'll get onto it this weekend and go through afew things to sus out whats going on..

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