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Thread: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 custom Civic install, Actual Build Started on Page 18

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    Ok well damn! I just went home for lunch and no adapter. SO I'll be going to get the dock with the HDMI port tonight on the way home. So I'll be bench testing at some point this weekend for sure! Stay tuned!

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    Ok so here's a little update. Not exactly the update I was hoping to post up. I did a couple things Friday night, and took pics, so those are locked and loaded and ready to post. But, I'm holding off on that because of this; the reason I was going to clean up the garage, or at least my work bench, this weekend was to get the stuff set up to bench test the tablet. Well.......sometimes family just pushes pleasure aside!

    Yesterday, I was planning to get the workbench cleaned up, but had a couple of errands to run in the morning, and then just when I thought I was going to have a few free hours before we were supposed to leave for a 40th birthday bash, I got told by the boss that we were going to be having a Grandparents Day Brunch on Sunday morning. (Have you called your grandparents today?!?!) So, she started prepping stuff for the breakfast and I headed off to the store and the rest of my day headed out in the car with me! Ugggghhh!

    So that brings me to today! Woke up this morning and started getting stuff ready for the brunch and we had the brunch, which ended around noon. Had a great time, and then it was time to possibly get started on the garage.......NOPE! Suddenly I found myself in my daughters bedroom doing some cleaning and getting thing purged and ready for the season change. Yep, family stuff! So around 1:00pm I found myself on the couch with some lunch and then found myself watching the Giants game and the Niner game, flipping back and forth of course!

    I actually planned to protest the season cause Alex "I'm a Piece of ***** quarterback" Smith is still starting for some unknows STUPID F-ING REASON! But I found myself watching anyway. So about halftime I finally got out to the garage and started cleaning! Here it is, 5:22PM, and as I type this the garage is sitting cleaned up, tablet gear out and ready to start putting it together for bench testing. However, that being said, it is 5:22pm on Sunday night, my wife (lovely as she is) is making dinner which is almost ready, my kids are out playing, and when dinner is done, kids need baths and story times for bed around 7:30 - 8:00.

    SO, if I'm able to get out there and get that stuff put together for bench testing it's not going to be until later. If that happens, I'll take some pics, and videos, and go from there. Chances are, it's not gonna happen, but it is set up and ready to go. SO if not tonight, I'll get started tomorrow night or sometime this week. It will be bench tested before the weekend!

    Until then, please be patient with me, it will get done!

    STAY TUNED more to come real soon!

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    I thought for sure I'd have my HDMI adapter in on Friday, or even Saturday if it was coming USPS. Didn't get it on either. So I decided to go ahead and spend the money and get the Galaxy 7 Media Dock with the HDMI port on it. I also picked up a couple other things. The port on the Dock has a Mini HDMI out on it, so I had to get an adapter for mini to standard HDMI. I also had a screen protector on it, but wasn't real happy with it. SO I got a new one of those specifically for the Galaxy Tablet. The other one was a cut to spec one.

    So what I did this weekend was sit down and get the 7" dock and the 10" dock swapped out. I'm possibly going to end up using the entire dock itself for the install. The frame and the body. So I had to swap out the bodies on the 10" frame. Pretty basic to do.

    These are not the greatest pictures, but here they're the same on the back side.

    Same on the left side, nothing there.

    Right side you can see they're different. One has the HDMI Port and the other has nothing.

    Also got my new cord out.

    As you can see it's twice as long as the one they send you. This was just not a good job in planning by Samsung. The cord should be this long out of the box. But it is what it is.

    Ok so I put the NON HDMI body back on, cause I wanted to make sure and show that they both work. I connected the charger and here's what you see.

    You can see the tablet out of the dock, not charging cause it's not plugged in. So see the battery has no lighting bolt in it on the bottom right of the screen.

    Sliding it in the dock.

    And now it's charging. Lighting bolt in the battery!

    Now I changed out the bodies and we'll do another test to make sure it's going to work.

    Plugged it in.

    Not on the dock, no lighting bolt in the battery.

    On the dock, she's charging!

    Here's a video, turn up your sound, you can hear it beep when it's docked.


    So that's about as far as I got with the tablet this weekend. I did run across a slight issue while playing with it. I have the screen set right now to 10 minutes to sleep. SO if it's not doing anything and sits idle it goes to sleep after 10 minutes. I downloaded Pandora on it this weekend also and found out that if it does go to sleep, Pandora continues to play. So that's a good thing.

    But, here's the issue that I've found. When it does go to sleep, I cannot make it wake up to unlock by touching the screen. I've had to push the power button on the top of the unit. So I got online with Samsung last night and talked to their tech department, and they said there's no way to wake it up other than to push that button. So that's going to possibly be an issue for the install. The problem is that I wanted to do a complete enclosure for the tablet, only able to open via the actuator arm from behind. That puts the buttons enclosed and non accessible. See the problem!!

    So here are a couple things I've come up with as a solution.

    1) Go into the settings and put the sleep mode on "never". The problem with this is that if I don't remember to put it to sleep when I'm not using it, you can do this by pushing the power button, then it'll be on all the time. Now it's not that hard to do, and shouldn't be that big a deal, cause the only time it would be sleeping is when it's out of the car not being used. So I could just push the power button and put it in the case.

    2) Another possibility is to some how, and I'm not sure how I'd do this and make it look good, incorporate some sort of button extension on the dash piece above the tablet. It would have to be something that was long enough to not impede the opening and closing of the tablet door, and yet be long enough to just touch the power button. It doesn't have to be pushed that hard or long. Once the button is pushed, you just swipe the lock on the screen to activate it.

    So that being said, I have some designs to think about and solutions to think about with this. I don't know that I like the thought of leaving it on never sleep mode, to be honest, and yet I'm not sure how a button will look on the clean dash. I'll have to think of something.

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    Ok so here's an update for the night. I'm very very frustrated. As I've said I have no media tab adapter yet. I'm frankly ****ed at the company. I ordered this thing almost 2 weeks ago and I could have walked it to my house by now and gotten it faster. So I went and got the Galaxy 7 dock with the HDMI port until I got the adapter. At least I could get it running and figure out some stuff. Well I cannot get it to work and I'm pretty defeated and frustrated right now.

    First the DC-DC converter doesn't charge the tablet. It shows the lightning bolt like it is charging it, but there's a red x through it and I can assure you it does not charge. The percentage went down as I was sitting there. So that's the first thing.

    Second and most importantly, I could not get sound or video at all! When I plugged in the HDMI cord into the docking station, the sound cut out and that was it. Then I got no sound on the tablet or through the system, nor did I get any video out to the monitor. I don't know if I'm just not doing something correctly or what, but it's not working. I'm not sure if I need to change a setting or something, which there doesn't seem to be anything that I can find that I can change, but either way I'm missing something or this has been a huge gigantic waste of my money, in which case I'm going to probably loose it. I need help I think and a fresh mind to work with this stuff! I'm tired and going to bed. I have some pictures to post of the bench testing set up. I was going to get a video, but it all fell apart as I put it to work and so I didn't get the video done.

    That's it for now, I'm open to suggestions or anything that anyone has that might help. Good night!

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    If you cannot get the dock to show its charging the HDMI port will not work it has to be properly powered in order for the HDMI out to work.
    I do not have the 10inch Samsung Tablet but I do have the 7 inch and found that same problem when you power the device of of the USB port on a pc it will not charge the device but if you plug the Usb port into the AC adapter the unit will charge and the HDMI output will work. At least on the 7 inch not sure about the 10 inch
    Hope this helps

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    Ya I did that. I actually disconnected it when I found out it wasn't charging and just plugged in the regular wall charger. Then I got a charge on it, but still no output. Maybe I'm not doing this right. I'm trying things like Pandora, and Netflix, cause to me an audio and video signal is an audio and video signal. So maybe I have to go through a different application in order to play these, but that would then make the reason for getting a tablet null and void cause that's part of the whole purpose I got one was for streaming video and radio.

    At least I thought I did the wall charger. I'll have to go try it again tonight. I was so brain fried last night between being nervous about setting it all up, and then it not working I was frustrated. I'll post up pictures of what I did, and maybe someone has an idea of what to do next.

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    So here's what I did last night for a bench test.

    Let's start here, first. I decided not to build an actual box but just to use what I had laying around for speakers. This isn't a sound quality bench test really, I just want to make sure it's all going to work before I start dealing with the actual install in the vehicle. I have here a set of cheap Orion coax speakers in an Amazon box! LOL

    Next I got my Audison LRx 2.4 out to run the speakers.

    Next, Audison bit one.1 processor

    HDMI converter

    with vga to composite adapter

    Now we'll get down to some business. This is the power adapter for the HDMI converter. I had to do a couple of things here. First confirm the voltage coming out of it, and then figure out what's positive and what's negative.


    Next I got the DC-DC converter out.

    Now is where I started getting nervous. I grabbed the samsung 30 pin to usb cable, and I decided to sacrifice it to test this stuff out. Cutting things that are specific always make me nervous.

    Next, Pioneer monitor for the video.

    So I got things wired up. I love barrier strips. I use them in all of my installs and I used them here as well. Helps, especially when you have the bridges. When I do my final install in the car, if this all works, I'll be soldering wires that color match etc. I love these bridges and they're ok looking and quick, but they just don't look nearly as good as when you take the extra time to color match with wires and fork connectors, soldered and heat shrunk. No comparison!

    Let me take a second to describe what you're looking at.

    Right barrier strip - This carries the 12v constant power to the components.

    Center barrier strip - This carries the ground wires to the components.

    Left barrier strip - This carries the switched power (ign) to the components. To get this I used a rocker switch from the 12v power to act as my ignition.

    I know it's not the cleanest looking set up at the moment but for what I had to work with, and the time I have to work with, it'll do. If you take a second and look at it you can see it's not nearly as messy as first appearance. I used wires from a previous set up, so I can color match things, for example yellow for 12v, red for ignition, and black for ground. The white wires you see go to the battery. One to negative and one to positive. I did them one at a time so I didn't mix them up.

    Here you can see the components set up.

    I have it going like this. The output from the analog signal on the converter, which in this picture is not hooked up yet, will go to the processor pre-in ch1 and ch2. This is what the settings were at from my previous set up. I just used that. There should be no change there. Then the VGA-composite adapter plugs into the video in for the monitor. Next I have output channels 1 and 2 from the bit one out to the input channels of the amp. Then amp to speakers obviously.

    Then I powered it up.

    Showing power before switching it on, 12.41v resting.

    Ignition on!

    And we're all fired up! Amp, processor, DC-DC, monitor

    This is the barrel connector for the converter, checking voltage before I plug it in. It's a little bit higher than with the wall unit (5.17v), so there's a difference of .16v. Not sure if that's an issue or not. Doesn't seem like much.

    So I plugged that in, and that's powered up.

    Bit One DRC ready to go.

    Now we have all that powered and ready to go, let's get the source set up.

    Got the Bit One software up and running on my laptop. WOULD LOVE to get this on the tablet. But there may be issues there, I'm not sure.

    This was pre plug in.

    Then I plugged it in. This is where I got the red x over the battery and lighting bolt.

    After this, the wheels fell off. I did get the wall charger for the tablet, if I remember correctly, and I still got nothing. I got no video, I got no audio, I got nothing. When I unplugged the HDMI cable, all sound came back to the tablet, like I unplugged my headphones or something. SO I plugged it back in and then it went silent, same scenario like I plugged in my headphones, but got nothing out of the converter. Nothing out of the bit one, amp, speakers, or monitor. I did keep getting a little headphone icon on the bottom menu which turns out to be some sort of media hub, or music player of some sort. SO maybe that's it's way of saying that I have to play stuff out of that particular application.

    It just doesn't make much sense to me that in a mirroring situation, that you can't play certain things such as pandora or netflix. I never did try any other media cause I simply don't have any downloaded nor do I know how to download any of it just yet. I have a ton of music on my laptop, but it's through Itunes, and it's all been downloaded from another site. So I have no idea how to get that music onto my tablet.

    So all that being done, and nothing seeming to work, I was burnt last night. I decided to walk away from it and come back to it and do some research today. I'm asking anyone who knows anything about this please to respond and give me anything you can think of that I'm missing or not doing correctly or anything.

    TO me, if you have a signal to put out, in this case an HDMI signal, then it shouldn't matter where it goes, but maybe it's not that simple. Nothing ever is. I would hate to do this, but my next option is to go from the 3.5 mm jack in the back of the dock out to RCA's for my audio signal, and then try some way to get the video signal from the HDMI. I just don't think I'm gonna get that great of sound quality out of the 3.4mm jack. I do wonder, however, if it would improve with a line driver between that and the processor.

    I just can't help but think I'm missing something. On top of all this, the damned original HDMI adapter that I ordered 2 weeks ago is STILL not here yet. I sent them an email last night saying basically "What the F!" I've not heard anything back yet today.

    So for now I'm stumped, frustrated, and fearing that I've wasted a ton of money on an idea that just simply isn't going to work, when in theory it should. That's my biggest fear cause now I have no money to go out and get a decent head unit for what I want to supply in my audio system. But I'm not going to give up just yet.
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    So this pretty much ****es me off cause this is exactly what I want, with exception of I want audio through it as well. SO I know I'm not crazy. He's even playing a video off the net and it's mirroring everything he's doing. THIS IS WHAT I WANT! ARAGGGGGHHHH!!

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    Sorry, not read the whole thread but isn't there an option on honeycomb to enable the TV out ?

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    I have no idea, I'm still pretty new to the tablet worlds, android, honeycomb, etc. If there is and that's what I need then maybe that's what I'm missing. I'm going to try tonight to set it up on my tv in my bedroom (only one at home with an HDMI input) and see if that works. If it does, then I must be doing something wrong in the line with my bench testing.

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