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Thread: 2002 Peugeot 406 - CarPC and sound upgrade - worklog

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    2002 Peugeot 406 - CarPC and sound upgrade - worklog

    Hi guys! I'm starting my first CarPC - I have a lot of experience with pretty much anything computer-related, but putting one in a car is a different story.

    First, the mandatory car photo:

    At the moment I have a rough idea of what I want to do. Configuration will be something like this:

    Mainboard - AsRock E350M1 - does a lot of things, it's quite fast, low power, stable, etc...
    RAM: 2x2GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz, CL8 [got it cheap, about $30]
    Storage: 60GB Corsair Force 3 SSD + a standard 2.5" S-ATA2 disk [had this around the house] for the bulk of the media content, but this one will be removable [dock] to ease the transfers.
    Enclosure: mITX JNC Cute-Q1 - small, sturdy, and the standard power supply resembles the M2-ATX PSU and has the same mount. Great bonus for me, since I already have the M2-ATX PSU.
    PSU: M2-ATX, will be used on P1, latest revision, work great but I still don't know about the audio noise, because I don't yet have the proper stuff to test it in the car.

    Bluetooth: Ordered a v3.0 dongle from eBay - should be here in a couple of weeks.
    WiFi: Ordered a high-power 500mW USB adapter, 802.11n 300Mbps and two antennas with 17dBi gain. Should suffice
    3G: I have a Huawei K3250 modem with a CRC9 antenna connector, so I had to order an adapter to FME from eBay to use the Nokia roof antenna which came with the car. That antenna does wonders for 3G signal.
    GPS: I already have a Nokia LD-3W bluetooth receiver that works well, so I'll keep it for now, but I've also ordered the iBlue GM2 receiver.
    OBDII: unfortunately my car's not compatible with the usual ELM327 adapters, so I need the Lexia 3 interface, which is quite expensive for my current plans...

    Audio out: Still looking for some qulity stuff, like M-Audio / RME / Prodigy / whatever [suggestions? There's a Realtek ALC982 onboard, but I think that's a bit sub-standard for me]
    FM Radio: no way, too much cr4p on the radio.
    XM radio: don't know yet, but unlikely
    CB Radio: this may be useful, so I guess I'll go with a standalone unit [Midland maybe]

    Without AsRock Instant Boot, the PC goes from power-on to the desktop in 19 seconds. Pretty good so far, and that's with Win7 Ultimate x64 The SSD is brilliant, although it's limited by the SATA2 bus.

    The big problem is the display. I was thinking of something like the eeePC 900 display, which is an 8.9" LED backlight panel. Looks decent in the daylight and beautiful at night. I found a $50 USB touchscreen kit for it on ebay and there are quite a few happy users on the eeePC forums, so that'll do. The only problem would be to find a good LVDS adapter for it.
    I really want a decent display and I'd like to avoid the 7" stuff I've seen so far. The only transflective stuff I could find around here is aweful. Lousy contrast, low light, crappy image and slooooow. Can't watch a scolling text, let alone a video. Also, they're really expensive [$350+].

    As for the sound, I'm going with:

    I'll keep my current player for a while: JVC KD-BT22. It has great sound, although it doesn't really match the dash. Great DAC [BurrBrown] and a bunch of settings available. It will also filter any input to a beautiful sound and I have the line-in adapter [in the back, not the AUX in front] which also has it's filters. I'll keep it just in case I have problems with the CarPC

    Front: Soundstream RF-60C - 180W RMS at 4 ohms [overkill, but awesome sound and one of the best crossovers I've laid my hands on] - paid $100
    Rear: JL Audio VR690-CXI - 90W RMS at 4 ohms [beautiful speakers] - paid $60, new
    Subs: 2 x JL Audio 8W3v3-4 in parallel, so 2 ohms for 2 x 250W RMS [great in small enclosures, I don't want to waste a lot of space in the trunk] - paid $60 for both, new [Made in the US, not the China stuff]
    Speaker amp: Focal Solid 4 - 4 x 75RMS at 4 ohms [very clean and well defined sound with plenty of settings avaliable] - paid $130
    Sub amp: Alpine MRP-M350 - 350W RMS at 2 ohms [good enough for my subs ] - paid $60
    Cables: All 0AWG [Stinger] for the big three and over to a 0AWG to 2 x 4AWG distributer [also Stinger] in the trunk, for the amps. Stinger Pro 3 [one 4 channel and one 2 channel] for the RCAs and Dietz 2x2.5 [10AWG if i'm not mistaken] for the speakers.

    The sub amp might be a bit underpowered, but I already have almost all the stuff above, so it'll have to do, at least for a while. Also, I'm not into too much power, but I'm going for SQ. Could've chosen better to that end, but I got all these quite cheap - the prices above are rough equivalents in USD and money's a bit tight...

    I'm aware that this will take quite some time, mostly because of financial issues. Got a lot of other stuff goin' on. But, I'll get there yet, I have most of the stuff and need to start the fabrication. Also, I'm thinking I get some custom enclosures for the subs to fit them in the sides of the trunk. near the wheel wells. Might be expensive, mostly because I can't do the fabrication [never touched fiberglass unless you count the finished product and I don't have the proper work space in the apartment].

    So, what do you think about my plans so far?

    Some photos of the dash and basic layout.

    Default Console [yes, I have those corner covers and that was the OEM player by Clarion]

    Projected layout - rough idea

    Not too much depth behind the dash, even the single DIN slot is angled down because of the AC ducts
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    How did you get on with this??, i have a sat nav to install in my 406, I hav a depth problem, i'd like to see how you got on



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    Hi Pete. Unfortunately, the project's been postponed for a while - had some other stuff that was more urgent. Anyway, I won't need too much depth in the console - I'll only have the monitor and a few small things behind it, so I won't be modifying anything back there. The rest will go in the glove compartment.

    I'm also changing a few things, like the sub amp which is now an Alpine MRD-M605, a lot more fitting for my subs.

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    I'll be keeping an eye in this post, here was where i got my inspiration

    and the topic I opened too



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