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Thread: 2008 Honda Accord PC in OEM NAV bezel

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    2008 Honda Accord PC in OEM NAV bezel

    Car doesn't have the factory navigation option

    I ordered the nav bezel from Honda but received the wrong one.. I will have the correct one hopefully tomorrow to get a better idea of what screen I can fit

    The plan is to keep the factory radio and run the computer audio through the aux


    Factory radio display that I have to relocate somewhere

    The radio display is much bigger then I thought! Unsure of where I can put it now.

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    Any idea what size screen does the navi bezel would accept?
    looking to add a touch screen myself and not sure whats the best way to keep it nice looking.


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    Hello. How did this work out? I would like to relocate my Honda Accord factory OEM LCD screen to the lower dash pocket area but I need a longer cable extension. Was wondering if anyone can be of any help - see the post here:

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