So i have been looking into this forum for a few months and finally om going to start my own project.
I own a ford mondeo from 1997 it's an mk2 darkpurpled and for now i have intalled some amplifiers and speakers and i have a jvc unit(avx-830) wich im going to use as a monitor.I know is not the best display to output a carpc but for now i dont have any other solution so i would have to play with the fonts resolution and size of the items. maybe later i instal a second screen with vga input.

I live back in the netherlands and my english is not very good but im going to try to write everything in english.
these are the specs of my carpc there are some things that i already have and some things that i am still waiting for because i have ordered.

small factor factor case (dell optilex 790)
cpu: i5 2400
4gb ram ddr3
mini itx motherboard dell
250gb seagate 7200rpm hdd
slimline dvd rw
m4 atx 250w
usb wifi adapter 300mbps
usb bluetooth adapter
globalsat bu353
ipazzport wireless keyboard
vga to composite converter (if someone would know another solution like rgb signal for my hu(KW-AVX-830) i would like to know)
And im going to build an lcd screen in the armrest of the back seats.

So here is a picture with the items im going to use and how im going to use them so that you can have a an idea.
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