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Thread: 1981 Honda Accord - CarPC Part 2

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    1981 Honda Accord - CarPC Part 2

    Old build thread:

    After about a year having my Asus EEEPC 701 installed into my center console, I figured its time for a change as I'm getting sick of taking my eyes off the road everytime I'm trying to do something with the computer. That and how the glare is pretty bad too

    Old location

    I moved the screen to where the HVAC and stereo goes but with the dash being curved in as you can see from the pic, that requires a lot of custom fabrications to make it fit (properly) and still look almost factory.

    I love how it looks like at the old location but ehh.

    Anyway onto the pics!

    Original bezel tacked on

    Test fit


    I still gotta figure out about my HVAC controls now I'm still debating if I should keep the headunit or no. The only reason why I have it there is to have the physical volume control and the pretty lights LOL.

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    There are a couple of other options for a volume control if that is all you are keeping the HU for. Griffin Powermate, Space Navigator, and a new control which is suppose to be released soon
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    Well I almost forgot about this thread but I had to dump the idea of moving the screen in that location because... I fried the LCD because I was being retarded. Technically it was the broken LVD cable for the EEEPC 701 but whatever.

    I bought myself an ebay VGA controller board for my LCD and it worked perfect with the old LCD from the EEEPC. I'm being cheap and I honestly don't remember spending more than $200 in this project.

    Long story short, I've decided to mount the screen where the factory clock goes since I now could mount the screen anywhere I wish with the normal VGA cable instead.

    I still gotta post up more pictures of the new setup so stay tuned!

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    i bet that's a huge improvement from having it so low before

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