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Thread: 2004 Ford F-350 install

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    2004 Ford F-350 install

    Hello, I am new to the forum and carpc's but not new to computers, cars, or car audio. This truck had no system of any sort in it so this is a full install. I started Friday getting the box build and the truck apart. Then mounted the monitor yesterday , and finished most everything to day.

    I will post specs later. But here a a few pics.

    Faytech 10" touchscreen
    Antec ISK-300 case
    M4-ATX PSU
    ASRock A75M-ITX FM1
    AMD A8-3850
    4Gb G.Skill ECO series
    OCZ Agility 3 120Gb
    Lite-On DVD slot load
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    Cool. Are you planning on carpeting over that box?
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    The amp rack and trim for it will be matching carpet if I can get a hold of it. The box will be vinyl along with the rest of center console I have to build still. I have been messing with getting everything working the last day and a half when not at work. Plus somethings not right with the box it's not hitting like it should so I need to look into that too.

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    Hey, nice to see another SD build on here! Great start! I'm anxious to see how you relocate the HVAC.
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