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Thread: 1993 EZGO Golf Cart - Gonk's Cartzilla build.

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    Cool 1993 EZGO Golf Cart - Gonk's Cartzilla build.

    Hello all. First time poster to this forum and kinda nervous I stay within the rules here. I could actually be posting in 4 or 5 topics on this board, but I'm not ready to ask a lot of questions yet.

    I figured I should start a worklog for placing my equipment and setup. I'm sure I'll have specific questions once I get deeper into the install. If I can't search out answers this worklog will show others what I have specifically done. If they care to help with my questions.

    Now down to the nitty gritty.

    I have a 1993 EZGO 36 volt electric golf cart, which I'm pretty deeply into fabbing already. I have my own website dedicated to the cart build and everyone is welcome to check it out. There are no advertisements or anything like that. Just a guy with a site

    I have trunked an extra 12v battery with plans for 2 12v trolling motor batteries run in parallel. This Friday I will be getting a Lilliput 7" - 10" touchscreen monitor and possibly a VoomPC-2 if all bills get paid.

    My plans are aggressive and could take me into next year, 2013 due to time and cost. In order of importance my plan is as follows;
    1. Get monitor mounted in dash and water resistant, if not waterproofed.
    2. Finish body work
    3. get basic carputer running
    4. finish body work
    5. Install music amplifier and speakers
    6. fix leaking EMF/RF from DC motor as necessary
    7. add wifi/internet access
    8. install underfloor, wheel well and cab led lighting
    9. use arduino to control led's
    10. finish body work
    11. install gps navigation hardware/software
    12. more arduino for gps
    13. install hydraulic brakes
    14. finish body work
    15. install clutchable rotary motor to steering
    16. tweak remote control autopilot to bring me home from the bar.
    17. hopefully have the bodywork finished someday

    So, Item 1. is to mount the monitor and it will go here.

    I had to remove the ball holder and cup holders. I don't have any console yet and have to incorporate the monitor into something that will work as a console. I should have more to post in a week or so, unless someone adds comments or interest.

    Best Regards
    Last edited by Gonkulor; 04-08-2012 at 04:08 PM. Reason: Forgot amplifier/speakers and EMF/RF

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    Welcome to the forum! You have got quite a project there. Good luck in your adventure. SNO

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    Love it. One question? How long is this going to run on battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmcdlrn View Post
    Love it. One question? How long is this going to run on battery?
    Thanks SNO and dmcdlrn. To answer your question dmcdlrn, maybe 6 hours in a day. I have to charge the cart nightly and I plan to make one more quick disconnect charge receptical for the 12 volt pack. If I can't find maintenance type "12v trolling motor" batteries I will get 2 12v golf cart batteries. The trolling and golf cart batteries are meant for the slow drain.

    I see I forgot to add sound amplifier and speakers to my list in OP. I should edit my list and also add the troubles I expect from the DC motor EMF/RF.

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    Hardware and first install update

    Box =
    Intel D525MWV Atom Mini-ITX VoomPC-2 Car PC,2GB,M2-ATX, with dual bluetooth/wifi.
    Monitor =
    Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T
    10-Gang ATO/ATC Marine Fuse Block
    4-Gang AGC Marine Fuse Block
    4 I/O 8 Gauge Distribution Block

    I installed a hard drive from a defunct laptop laying around. Put Win7 Ultimate 32bit on it. The system booted up properly. Wireless connected and updates installed.

    Name:  DSC_0492.JPG
Views: 1659
Size:  147.3 KB The amp in the background is 20 years old and very power hungry, it pulled my battery to 7 volts in about 3 hours. The amp quit but the PC was still running, monitor was acting flakey. I will purchase a more modern and power conservative amp.

    I fab'd a hard mount for the monitor. I'll get to put some trim and shape into the dash after I install more components
    Name:  2012-04-21 01.16.51.jpg
Views: 1567
Size:  135.3 KB

    Name:  2012-04-21 01.17.12.jpg
Views: 1272
Size:  126.6 KB

    Name:  2012-04-21 01.20.02.jpg
Views: 1215
Size:  75.6 KB

    So everything is installed but not completely mounted. Only issue I have is losing my WiFi after waking from hibernation. The WiFi issue is either my switchology/configuration or after taking the cart for a 10 mile run the PCI-E Wifi card jarred loose. I'm voting on the card becoming loose because I wasn't tickled with how cheesy it is mounted on the mainboard. Next time I pull the dash off I'll open up the box and reinstall the card with a couple dollops of silicon sealant on the securing click posts.

    LED RGB lights are in work. I'm in communication with the guy who will modify his hardware's firmware so I can turn on and off all my lights, including the headlights, running lights, brakes, and blinkers. His only advice for me is to make sure I have enough 12v and 5v current for all the lights. He said I need power conditioning. Would another M4 or pico unit work? He also mentioned at least a voltage clamp, I haven't googled that yet.

    I'm also in communication with a seller to custom make me some brighter H4 LED headlight bulbs. he said they would be 12 watts each.

    I think that is all for now until I get more hardware.


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    I haven't updated in awhile so I figured I should catch up on my progress.

    Name:  2012-05-16 19.38.07.jpg
Views: 1019
Size:  133.0 KBNetwork switch

    Name:  2012-05-17 14.33.43.jpg
Views: 1047
Size:  150.6 KBLOR LED light controller

    Name:  2012-05-19 18.03.20.jpg
Views: 1081
Size:  220.4 KBJ1 LED light controller

    Name:  2012-05-17 14.49.35.jpg
Views: 1035
Size:  144.7 KBtwo 500w 36v to 12v DC converters

    Name:  2012-05-18 10.47.10.jpg
Views: 986
Size:  79.0 KBANN current limiters

    Name:  2012-05-18 10.48.04.jpg
Views: 1163
Size:  130.9 KBwires, fuses

    Name:  2012-05-18 10.49.21.jpg
Views: 1043
Size:  126.0 KBsame same

    Name:  2012-05-18 10.50.37.jpg
Views: 981
Size:  104.8 KBRam upgrade for puter, now I can install 64bit

    Name:  2012-05-18 12.52.02.jpg
Views: 997
Size:  139.9 KBMarine amp

    Name:  2012-05-18 12.53.39.jpg
Views: 1139
Size:  143.4 KBMarine speakers

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    update #2 for today

    More updates

    Name:  10 lbs of crap in a 5 lbs bag.jpg
Views: 1194
Size:  193.7 KB10 pounds of crap in a 5 lb bag

    Name:  2012-05-25 00.43.40.jpg
Views: 999
Size:  165.9 KBStarting my power distribution

    Name:  2012-05-25 00.48.01.jpg
Views: 977
Size:  158.4 KB

    Name:  2012-05-27 14.33.07.jpg
Views: 986
Size:  186.4 KBbasic installation and testing

    Name:  2012-05-27 14.32.55.jpg
Views: 957
Size:  193.1 KB

    Name:  2012-05-27 14.32.41.jpg
Views: 1594
Size:  126.7 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.07.12.jpg
Views: 964
Size:  117.4 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.06.04.jpg
Views: 958
Size:  157.7 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.04.38.jpg
Views: 1103
Size:  160.6 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.04.10.jpg
Views: 958
Size:  165.6 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.03.38.jpg
Views: 935
Size:  149.6 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.03.18.jpg
Views: 958
Size:  152.3 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.02.59.jpg
Views: 968
Size:  137.5 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.02.46.jpg
Views: 938
Size:  135.9 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 22.02.14.jpg
Views: 2148
Size:  145.1 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 12.13.03.jpg
Views: 971
Size:  171.8 KB

    Name:  2012-05-26 01.38.59.jpg
Views: 969
Size:  141.9 KB

    Name:  2012-05-25 21.12.58.jpg
Views: 1077
Size:  129.7 KBthis is the old computer case I cut up. I made the shelving for mounts from this.

    Name:  2012-05-27 14.33.19.jpg
Views: 1056
Size:  163.7 KBStarted running wires.

    After all wires were ran, I calculated I installed more than 300 feet of new wire.

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    update #3

    Last update for now.

    Name:  2012-05-30 23.51.04.jpg
Views: 926
Size:  133.7 KBFinished my test panel

    Name:  2012-06-07 13.16.39.jpg
Views: 1058
Size:  186.0 KBAll of my LED pixel lights showed up

    Name:  2012-06-14 03.55.31.jpg
Views: 1100
Size:  109.2 KB12watt 18SMT LED headlight bulbs showed up. These are H4 socket bulbs

    Name:  2012-06-16 19.00.08.jpg
Views: 3448
Size:  174.9 KBFinished my dashboard fab. I still need bondo and finish. The finishing will be awhile before I can get to that. I have primed everything to stop the rusting though.

    And now this morning I went outside to do more geek work with the computer and the dew on the monitor zuzzed the picture. Hopefully once the dew dries off the monitor it will still work.


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    a lot of wires

    I said I calculated 300+ feet of new wire. These pictures might back that up.

    Name:  2012-07-05 09.03.34.jpg
Views: 1037
Size:  167.4 KB

    Name:  2012-07-05 09.03.47.jpg
Views: 1035
Size:  117.3 KB

    Name:  2012-07-05 09.04.03.jpg
Views: 1003
Size:  116.6 KB

    Name:  2012-06-16 14.36.01.jpg
Views: 1119
Size:  188.9 KB

    Name:  2012-06-20 06.00.22.jpg
Views: 1107
Size:  260.4 KB This is just insane. I had 160 solder joints to do all with 26 gauge wire. Ewww. Oh ya, these are for front grille pixel lighting.

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    you can definitely claim to be the first and only golf cart in the world running windows......

    some crazy amount of wires there. i'm anxious to see what this pixel lighting on your grill is going to look like.

    nice build, keep the updates coming!

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