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Thread: 2005 Nissan Xterra GT 2.0 Install

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    So last week I took the media dock into Best Buy. Great news!! It charged the new GT2 10.1" Tablet!! So I went ahead and ordered min on It will be here tomorrow. Pictures to come this weekend for sure.

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    Yeah my digital camera crapped out on me over the weekend, my new one will be here sometime Tuesday, I'll get some photos up then.

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    I am assuming that you are planning on having the tablet be removable? Is there a security issue due to the fact that nothing is locking it in place? My concern is that if someone were to break into the car, it would be a simple grab-n-go effort and no tools or time would be required. Of course this may be an invalid concern if you just planned on taking the tablet with you every time you leave the car. But, nonetheless, it would be interesting to see some sort of theft prevention implemented here. Even something as simple as a cover plate to hide it could do the trick I suppose.
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    Yes I'm thinking of doing a cover plate of some sort, but not sure. 95% of the my car is either at work (in a secure lot) or at home in my garage. The other 5% would be when I'm out and about to dinners, entertainment, etc. If I don't have a cover plate I'll probably disconnect it and hide it under my seat.

    Now then, I'm looking at amplifiers and I've been stumped. The tablet will have one 3.5mm RCA cable running to an amplifier. How do I send signal to 4 channels, if I only have a single RCA cable? Is there some sort of splitter I can use to send the signal to all 4 cables?

    All of the diagrams I'm looking at show 4 RCA cables going from the head unit to the amp. The tablet being the head unit in this case doesn't have that ability.

    I <3 monoprice customer chat support. They pointed me to exactly what I need:

    This will allow me to send the signal from the tablet to all 4 channels on the amp now!!
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    yeah its pretty simple to plug it into an amp with a splitter. What you will need is:
    - 1 x 3.5mm Male to Male Cable
    - 1 x 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA Male Cable
    - 2 x RCA Female to 2 RCA Female Splitter
    - 2 x 2 RCA Male to Male Cable

    The 3.5mm cable will plug into the tablet, be converted to RCA, split to two cables, and then plugged into the 4-channel amp. You will get left and right for both the front and back (of course since its only 2 channels you will have no fade though). Should you want to add a volume knob, there are RCA inline controllers that work well for that task. My suggestion is to buy all of the cables at

    Also, make sure to get the right lengths needed for your setup. Too much wire is not only a mess, but also increases the risk of getting noise added to the system. I suggest getting a 15ft length of 3.5mm cable and keep everything else under 3ft.
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    Ok some new photos for my project, unfortunately the fiber glass resin kit I ordered didn't arrive in time to start this weekend But some other stuff came this week.

    The fiberglass matt 8 sq feet. I should be able to chop this up a few times to make several different layers.
    Name:  IMG_0044.JPG
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    The 4 channel amplifier that I ordered It's a little bigger than I anticipated but I think I'll still be able to fit it in the spot I'm thinking of. Also it might fit under my car seat.
    Name:  IMG_0043.JPG
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    Here is the Samsung dock, two photos. One with the actual dock holder (which was made for the 7" tablet") and the other with the dock part off.
    Name:  IMG_0038.JPG
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Size:  439.1 KBName:  IMG_0039.JPG
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    And here finally are some photos of the centerpiece of this whole project. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1"
    Name:  IMG_0037.JPG
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    And two photos of it in the dock. The weight and angle of the tablet are to heavy for the media dock. If my wife were to let it go it would most likely bend and or break the media dock connection. I did verify that the media dock is working correctly by using and RCA cable with my home entertainment system.
    Name:  IMG_0040.JPG
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    I'm still waiting on all the cables to show up from monoprice, and I still need to order my new 4 set of speakers for the Xterra. I'm not sure what I'm going with yet atm. My amp pushes 2000w so I can go with some decent 6x9s

    Looks like I'll get started on the dock building next weekend.

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    Update I was able to get the fiberglass cradle created this past Sunday. Two very thick layers of standard fiber glass. I used the method from Scott's 10.1" build to wrap my tablet. It worked very well.

    I now am waiting on my dremel to come in the mail so that I can shave back some of the excess fiberglass from the cradle and then start cutting into the dashboard panel too.

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    Ok large update.

    Like I said I finished the fiberglass cradle, here are some photos of it. All the black fuzz stuff is the felt that I had originally hot glued on and didn't like so I ripped it all off.
    Name:  IMG_0097.JPG
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Size:  512.2 KBName:  IMG_0098.JPG
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    And some photos with the tablet and media dock as well.
    Name:  IMG_0100.JPG
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    Next I hacked up my dashboard until the cradle fit. It's pretty snug, and my dremel skills aren't great. I'll still need to do some cleanup on the lines at some point.
    Name:  IMG_0103.JPG
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    Here you can see the slit I made at the top of the curve so that the cradle can slide in and out at any point. Having a curved dashboard for this project has really been a PITA.
    Name:  IMG_0104.JPG
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    Here is the cradle in the dash.
    Name:  IMG_0105.JPG
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    Now then, the biggest issue is that when the tablet was pulled out the weight of the cradle is so heavy that it just falls over backwards. So I had to find a solution to keep the angle of the media dock and the cradle 99% perfect.

    At first I used the high end 3200psi Locktite Super Glue. The guy at lowes said it would be an unbreakable bond on the fiberglass......

    Here you can see that the locktite worked great with the media dock plastic. However on the fiberglass portion it felt solid and attached. I then left the cradle in the car for 1 day to see how it would do in the heat, and well the bond literally slid right off the fiberglass. I was left with a huge rock hard chuck of glue. So I went back to lowes and decided to use nuts/bolts to secure the metal to the fiberglass. That's what you see here.
    Name:  IMG_0137.JPG
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    And a better photo here.
    Name:  IMG_0138.JPG
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    Here is a front photo, used electrical tape to cover the flat head screws, they stick out just a bit; I should probably counter sink them.
    Name:  IMG_0141.JPG
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    Now then to hold the cradle in place from rocking back and forth I used the pefect alignment of the AC controls to attach two small L brackets. This holds the whole dock/cradle/tablet from moving backwards into the dash.
    Name:  IMG_0109.JPG
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    Finally even after all the nuts/bolts/industrial super glue there was still enough movement of downforce when hooking up the tablet that it wasn't making a full connection into the media dock. So for now I wedged a piece of wood directly under the media dock connection to give a counterforce when sliding the tablet in. I'll have to come up with a better solution, as right now the wood is being held in place by electrical tape.
    Name:  IMG_0140.JPG
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    The counterforce works perfectly and the tablet seats 100% into the media dock now.
    Name:  IMG_0142.JPG
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Size:  401.8 KBName:  IMG_0145.JPG
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    I'm not sure yet if I'm going to fill, sand, and paint the cradle or if I'll find a better type of fabric to glue to it.

    Next on the project though is the audio connections. I have several more pieces of that puzzle still arriving this week.

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    Update, my wife gave birth to our first child on August 7th. The build is still in progress just haven't had time to post.

    I bench tested the whole system and it worked great, Tablet > equalizer > amplifier > speakers. The whole setup is new and pretty awesome. I need to post some more photos I know.,

    I was able to get off all of my dashboard pieces on the passenger side so that I could run power,ground,remote wires for both the amplifier and the equalizer that I bought. I hooked the remote turn on for both pieces of equipment into a cigarette lighter that only activates when the car is on. I pulled off the passenger side door panel so that I could start modifying the factory speaker box to fit the new Rockford Fosgate 6x9s. Still need to do this on the driver side.

    The Xterra is different in that it has two glove boxes, one where the door opens up, and one where the door opens down. I cut out the back of the top one (opens up) to make room for the wires coming through, as the equalizer fits perfectly in this space and the door closes with no issues. I was able to get the wires for this component cut to length so that I can still pull the equalizer out if need be at a later date.

    Today I am hoping to complete the speaker wire runs for both the passenger and driver side speakers. If I can get that done in good time then I might finally be able to mount the amplifier and cut wires to length for that item too. I'm getting very close to having this project finished. I'm hoping it can be done before I go back to work on the 20th, granted that all depends on how much time my son allows me to have some time to work on it. My son brings me a lot of joy.

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    Congrats on your first child! I hope your helping the wife and not in the car too much. lol SNO

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