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Thread: 2005 Nissan Xterra GT 2.0 Install

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    2005 Nissan Xterra GT 2.0 Install

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and this will be my first ever build/modification of any car system.
    This will be on my 2005 Nissan Xterra.

    A little about myself and how I've come about deciding on this project. I'm 29, a IT System Administrator, complete geek, and love new technology. For the last 2 years I've been wanting to put a double din nav system in place of my factory stereo. I've waited patiently for prices to come down and also for something to truly be compatible with my Android cell phone. Alas nothing is hitting the market that makes me want to spend my hard earned money.

    Some how I found these forums and saw what people were doing with Galaxy Tablet installs, and I got hooked immediately. I've read several of the threads on this site pertaining to GT installs and I'm ready to make this happen. I see many pros and cons, but before I can even move forward I need help from the community here to make the biggest decision on which GT model to select for my build; that decision being WIFI only model vs. a model with a cell contract.

    I'm wanting to have the following functionality in making this transition.
    1) GPS with google maps.
    2) Pandora app
    3) Video playback (watch movies for long car rides) Some of the place I travel have very large cell phone dead spots.
    4) Iheartradio app, I listen to a lot of sports talk.
    5) Bluetooth connected hands free cellphone calling. This is a big one and I haven't been able to find if this is even possible with the GTs.

    All of the above functions bring up the following questions.

    1) What are the biggest differences between the WIFI only models and the contract versions? I ask this because I wonder how well the WIFI only works with tethering from an Android phone. I realize of course that the tethering only will be as good as the network which the phone is on (which may mean I switch cell networks). This brings me to my next questions.

    2) Is it better to tether for applications like pandora, iheartradio; or is bluetooth connectivity better?

    3) If I go with the wifi model Google maps will only work with tethering from my cell phone correct?

    4) Can I use BT to connect my cell phone to GT and make that play over my speakers through the tablet?

    If I can get some help from anyone knowledgable about these areas I'll then make my choice and move on to my next problems in my build and get some help there too.

    I look forward to seeing this take shape over the next 5-10weeks, should be fun.


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    Ok, so moving forward past which model I want to pick (although I still want input on that). The xterra dashboard is much more different than most dashes.

    See photo: Name:  NISSAN_XTERRA_2005_SATIN_NICKEL.jpg
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Size:  191.1 KB

    ***Editing this whole section***
    So after actually taking out the stereo last night I've come to learn that the whole dashboard in the middle is one huge piece. The air vents, AC knobs, stereo hole, emergency lights, air bag light, it's all one large piece. Photos to come later tonight. This might really complicate the project as I don't want to have to hack up my main dashboard piece to much.

    Think I'll go out and buy a dremel though soon to help. Will take a lot of adjustments to get something to fit.

    I'm worried that this might pose some problems when it comes to having to get my dash board to fit ANY model of the GT's. And I really want to put in the 10.1 inch.

    Tonight I'm going to measure the space between the two air vents on the backside to see about the width. Once I start hacking up the dash there's no turning back.

    At least removing the stock radio was a piece of cake.
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    anyone have any input on the questions in my OP?

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    Putting a listing of steps here, so others can see my thought process. If anyone sees something important I'm leaving out please feel free to give me ideas.

    Step 1: Uninstall old stereo - complete
    Step 2: Take measurements on dashboard bezel to find proper GT model.
    Step 3: Creating fiber glass extended docking station with charger.
    Step 4: Re-fabrication of dashboard to fit GT.
    Step 5: Bench test of audio/video/power.
    Step 6: Making in car audio/power connections.
    Step 7: Installing new amplifier, speakers
    Step 8: Installing the dock with magnet eject switch.
    Step 9: Software setup
    Step 10: On road functionality testing.

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    You might be better off just buying a DoubleDin prebuilt unit that should just slide into that radio opening, some of the newer models have the tablet removable as well. Something like this as an example only Just a thought SNO

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    Interesting... depending on what I find out tonight about sizing I may look into this. But then again... what fun is a worklog project if I'm not going to DIY. :P

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    So I've decided to go big or go home, with the Samsung GT 2.0 10.1" Here's some photos of my dash panel, I've left the drivers side mid air vent in, and taken the passenger side mid air vent out to give you all some perspective.

    Front Face
    Name:  IMG_3305.JPG
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    Side shot, here you can see the AC vent tunnel that connects further into the dash when it's set in place.
    Name:  IMG_3306.JPG
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Size:  534.4 KB

    Top down shot. A lot of the mid bars will be removed in order to set the tablet INTO the dash.
    Name:  IMG_3307.JPG
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Size:  522.7 KB

    Here is a cardboard cut out of the WxH of the tablet. It does fit, but you'll notice that I'm losing an air vent in this conversion. That doesn't bother me much as the AC will now be cooling the tablet, dock from behind; plus it's on the passenger side.
    Name:  IMG_3308.JPG
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Size:  529.6 KB

    Here is a side shot showing the current angle if I was to just set it flush against the flatest part. Again because the dash is curved I'll have to cut into the dash to set it back into place. I'll have to be real careful when I start using the dremel so that I don't saw off any of the screw holes or dash clips. I really only get one shot at this, unless I want to go buy another dash panel from a junk yard.
    Name:  IMG_3309.JPG
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Size:  568.0 KB

    Tomorrow I order my Tablet... I'll be here by Friday, (high five Amazon Prime)

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    Errr... yeah so I've hit a snag. Turns out the 10.1" Multimedia Dock is only compatible with the Galaxy Tab version 1... and not the GT2. Currently there is no company that makes a multimedia dock for any of the GT 2's. I even just called Samsung directly to verify that information.

    This would mean that I have no way to send out audio, or charge the tablet while it's in the fiberglass cradle.

    Hrrmmm... looks like I need to re-evaluate which tablet I'm getting.

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    before you jump on a tablet, just remember that google i/o is next week and the big rumor is that google is going to release their own tablet. might be worth waiting a week to see what google does.

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    Ok, so thanks to TxAxZxZ, I've gone ahead and ordered my media dock/charger from amazon. HERE.

    I plan on taking off the dock part then taking the charger section into Best Buy and seeing in store if it will charge the new GT2 10.1" If so then I'll be a happy man. I know the guy that works at my local BB in the tablet department so he'll let me test out my idea before spending $400

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