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Thread: 2004 Jeep Liberty - Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

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    2004 Jeep Liberty - Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

    Hello all... I've been lurking these forums for a number of years. This will be my first build. I am currently researching and ordering parts, and any advice is welcomed. I have an extensive knowledge of hardware: both computers and cars, but limited software knowledge. As I progress through my build I will update this post. Larger pictures will be posted in a reply.

    Current Car Specs:
    2004 Jeep Liberty Limited - Trail Rated
    Engine: 3.7 L
    Sound: Stock (Unsure how much I will upgrade)
    Head Unit: Kenwood KDC-MP208
    No other Mods... yet.

    Motorola Droid Razr Maxx.

    Purchased Parts:
    Center Bezel: $1 plus $18 S/H
    Attachment 67283
    Bluetooth earpiece
    HD Station (Dock) $35.50

    Parts being researched: (these are examples and may not be the final purchase)
    PLX Kiwi
    BlueTooth Keyboard
    Griffin Powermate

    Parts needed:
    Head Unit
    Touch Screen with HDMI input
    Behind dash power for HD Station
    External USB Drive - 300 gigs or more
    Custom built wiring harness
    Power supply?

    Purchased Software:
    GPS Status & Toolbox $2.49

    Software being researched:
    Torque Pro $4.95
    PhoneWeaver $3.99
    PlayerPro $4.99

    Software needed:
    Ability to have multiple apps showing on the touch screen.

    For the head unit, I want a line in on the back but other options (or lack of) I have not decided.
    For the touch screen, I need to figure out where I want to place it then measure the maximum size that will fit.

    I realize this is not a typical build and there are other forum discussions going on now about the feasibility of using a smart phone as a CarPC. I have skimmed a few threads and plan to read this one in detail as well as other threads. Most of the options I want in a CarPC are available by using my Razr Maxx with an HD Station.
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