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Thread: Dropping WIndows OS for Android x86

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    Dropping WIndows OS for Android x86

    I've decided to drop Windows OS for my CarPC and switch to Android x86. The reason is mainly to try something new and I think the Android OS would be ideal in the car. This does cause me to loose the ability to use my Directed HD tuner but all the stations I listen to are on TuneIn radio. It also allows me to drop the harddrive which even with a SSD has failed at times and run from USB.

    For now I have removed my CarPC and have it installed on my test bench. I have Android x86 up and running and was really impressed how it just worked out of the box especially with my generic WiFi adapter and the onboard sound. I could run both OS' but I want to force my hand towards Android.

    My original CarPC thread is here

    The one thing I am going to miss a lot is RideRunner but I can always switch back since I'm booting from USB

    I will get my notes together and post the details of my Android x86 install next.

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    That sounds really interesting, can't wait to hear more!

    Cheers, James

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    Closing this thread due to my install switching to a Nexus seven. Android x86 install actually works really well it's just that once I had the Nexus seven it became apparent that it was the logical choice for an install

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