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Thread: Removable Nexus 7 install in a 2006 F150

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    Final update on this. I ran into an issue where the connection between the dock and tablet seemed to be hit or miss. Thinking it was the dock I tested it with my spare new one and had the same issue. I tested my sons tablet and it worked fine. Just when I started to remold my dash for an integrated install I really started to weigh the pros and con's of my install. The number 1 con has always been the lack of hands free calling. Tablet-talk has never been a viable solution and the IP calling options were spotty at times so they were not viable for me. The 2nd con was engine noise. I installed line filters but could always hear a small hum/wine through the speakers. Ultimately I think it was the amp. With these 2 cons I decided to try the pioneer appradio3. Once installed I decided to use mirrorlink and found with automateit and the same apps I used on the nexus7 I was back to where I was with the tablet except I had hands free now. The only con with mirrorlink is that it is built on vnc so there is a little latency which means videos are a no go. Shouldn't be an issue though since this is for vehicle use.

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    When I was thinking about a nexus 7, that docking thing sounded like the perfect solution. now that I've went with the galaxy tab, I'm having trouble figuring out how to make it removable, but still give it power.

    I hate to see you abandon it. I've been through the same sentiment though, but all in all, android is simply way better than any software the current headunit makers have. I don't see what's keeping Sony, Pioneer, etc... from simply making an Android based head unit. For fear of using it while driving they can still include the parking brake function to enable certain apps, but of course we could still bypass it.

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    Sell it and grab a N7

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