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Thread: VOLVO S80 CarPC Work in progress

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    Well for HUB this is nice, but I've build a couple /30-40/ electronic devices that uses RJ9, RJ11; RJ12 and RJ45. It's allays easier to drill a whole, than to make a square into panel.
    Even in this setup I'm using RJ45 as a simple 8 pin plug. See posts 8 and 9 in this thread.
    After a year headaches I've decided to play on secure so this will be my way to go.
    Here are some pics from the PC case/box itself, after i redid it today. Some of the old rectangular USB wholes remains, but there is nothing to do abut that.

    6 USB's and one power plug (3 pins, so no way to connect it wrong)

    On the maingboard I have two USB headers, so 4 internal USB's. I need 2 USB's more, so I soldered them this way:

    on the other side I placed 2x4 connector:

    And on the PC box side there is female 2x4:

    This way the mainboard could easily be removed if needed. Here these 2 USB's are connected:

    The other 4 USB's that will be connected to the Mobo's headers:

    All together:

    My worklog: VOLVO S80 CarPC

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