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Thread: VOLVO S80 CarPC Work in progress

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    Well for HUB this is nice, but I've build a couple /30-40/ electronic devices that uses RJ9, RJ11; RJ12 and RJ45. It's allays easier to drill a whole, than to make a square into panel.
    Even in this setup I'm using RJ45 as a simple 8 pin plug. See posts 8 and 9 in this thread.
    After a year headaches I've decided to play on secure so this will be my way to go.
    Here are some pics from the PC case/box itself, after i redid it today. Some of the old rectangular USB wholes remains, but there is nothing to do abut that.

    6 USB's and one power plug (3 pins, so no way to connect it wrong)

    On the maingboard I have two USB headers, so 4 internal USB's. I need 2 USB's more, so I soldered them this way:

    on the other side I placed 2x4 connector:

    And on the PC box side there is female 2x4:

    This way the mainboard could easily be removed if needed. Here these 2 USB's are connected:

    The other 4 USB's that will be connected to the Mobo's headers:

    All together:

    My worklog: VOLVO S80 CarPC

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    Hi VolvoCarPC,

    you are still working on this project?
    I own a XC90 MJ2008 and want to replace some parts of the original Navi and soundsystem.

    For that I have to problems....
    1.) I have to replace the original monitor with an aftermarked one 6.5" I've found one which will fit into the original case
    But how could I get it work that the monitor goes up and dowm by starting the PC

    2.) How did you connect the sound to the original souns sytem I've the High perormence Dynaudio one...

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    Sorry for the late replay...
    1. Well - I don't use the stock navi (RTI) at all. All I use from it is the case and the mechanics. Inside I've mounted a china LCD + driver board + touch. For the up/down logics I've made a custom PCB. Just take your time and read the whole thread and you'll find out. If you need some assistance then - write me a PM.
    2. In different stages of the project I've used two ways, but they are both similar. One is custom PCB that is simultiously telling the car via LIN that there is connected TV and MD CHANGER. This way I was able to use also the real CD Changer that I got in the trunk. Latter I suspected that this PCB is entering a noice in the sound, so I bougt a ready product called YATOUR. The noice didn't went away, so my problem is somewere else, but now I got them both.

    Honestly I've planned /but I'm out of free time/ to make a custom PCB that will be able to control a stok RTI monitor, making it able to work stand alone. It should not be so complicated, because the screen is controled via LIN, but not CAN, so a sngle atmega should do the job. Anyway my plans are a bit more complicated - I will try to listen to CAN commands which will give me some usefull info and compabiyties: I'll be able to "hear" the reverce, and decide what to do /give power to the rear cam, and switch the monitor to the propper chanel/; I'll be able to "listen" the ambient sensor readings and control the brightness of the monitor, "listen" to the steering wheel presses, and send something to the PC to do something, you know. Whay not to make the PC to send the title of the played song to the HU's display. Other Ideas are to add some functionalities to the car. It's not a big secret that the GSM module is sending some strings to the DIM /Driver Information Module aca instrument cluster/. In it's way the intrument cluster is displaying thise messages 1:1 on the left bottom diplay. This way a human could simulate a fake GSM msg containing ... anithyng you want. Example: coolant/inside/outside temerature in digital, speed, rpm, boost ... almost anything.
    Only if I had some more free time ...
    My worklog: VOLVO S80 CarPC

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