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Thread: A "Mac'd V"

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    First let me take a moment to kneel before you and convey my adoration for what you've accomplished. Now that thats out of the way...

    Whats the chances of someone with little circuitry knowledge and half-rate soldering skills copying what you've done? I have an identically equipped car and I'm trying to do nearly the exact same thing you've done. I won't be happy with the stock screen and its horrible resolution so I know I need to get video output to a more capable display as you have. I probably wont use the oem feed all that much, but it is needed for settings and whatnot.

    Since I probably know the answer to my question already, here comes the inevitable follow-up... Would you be willing to modify my radio as you have for compensation?

    I fear without some assistance/guidance my dreams of an in-dash carputer wont make it off the ground, and visor monitors aren't nearly as cool or functional.

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    You can email me, PM sent.

    Thanks for the comps and interest.

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    The new project is to decode the info (classII?) going to the BOSE amplifier, primarily the volume, so I can control the OEM radio/NAV volume to the 5.1 decoder.

    Another fun project.

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