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Thread: 2010 Dodge Ram Tablet Integration

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    2010 Dodge Ram Tablet Integration

    I have been lurking around for awhile as a guest reading through some of the cool builds and threads here and thought I would join in now that I am beginning my project.

    I am replacing my stock HU in my 2010 Ram with a 7 or 7.7" tablet. I am trying to keep the install as simple as possible as for right now, I am not intending on upgrading the factory speakers. Later on, I may integrate a single 10" or 12" sub under a back seat.

    My plan:

    - redesign my center faceplate similar to with access for removal of the tablet using the little tray above the faceplate as a door.
    - Android tablet with standard apps and tasker for seamless power on/off
    - have FM radio stations (tunein radio does not have my stations)
    - be able to connect tablet to stock speaker system
    - maintain steering wheel controls (but not absolutely necessary)
    - use phone as hotspot or tether to tablet for internet connectivity
    - stay under $400-$500

    I am going to use one of the 2 following tablets:
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
    - SmartQ X7

    I am leaning towards the X7 as it has FM in it, great specs, JB4.1, and good initial reviews.

    I would like to keep the stock HU by pushing it further into the dash behind the tablet.

    I was having trouble with the line out on the stock HU as the output had terrible distortion when I had it connected to my old droid Eris. However, this seems to now much improved with my new razr m. So, if I could have the same result with the tablet, this would be sufficient. I would also maintain my steering wheel volume control. Otherwise, if there is another way to feed audio from the tablet, maybe thru USB, into the stock HU, I could go that route.

    I am not looking for high end SQ as most of my music is mp3.

    If you have any suggestions, please chime in.
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    SmartQ X7 ordered!!

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