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Thread: External Touch Screen in Car for Android Smart Phone. Is it possible?

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    Lightbulb External Touch Screen in Car for Android Smart Phone. Is it possible?

    I'd like to use an external touchscreen for my RAZR MAXX HD.

    My goal would be to enter my vehicle, put my phone on a microUSB/HDMI dock, and use a permanently installed capacitive touchscreen to control my phone. I'd use a Tasker profile and LCD Density Modder Pro to maximize functionality with this screen. I don't know anything about this subject, but I'd like to think that I could use the phone's HDMI port to output the signal to the touchscreen, and have the touchscreen relay it's commands back through the usb port.

    I'm sure that a kernel will eventually be available that will let me use USB host mode functionality with my phone, which will expand it's functionality to simultaneously include usb backup cam, external HDD, usb ods2 module, ect capabilities. I've done extensive research on using my Nexus 7 as a carputer, but I think I'd rather do it this way. Anyone else started a project like this, or know of one?

    EDIT 10FEB13: This looks promising, but what control board would I need to relay commands back to my phone?

    Current set-up:
    2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Quadcab SLT 4x4
    Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT
    JL Audio XD700/5
    Front Speakers/Tweeters
    Rear Speaker Set: Focal 130 CA1
    Subs x 2: JL Audio 10W1v2.4
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