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Thread: 02 Silverado 1500 - Samsung Galaxy 2 (7.0") Verizon install (4 hours)

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    02 Silverado 1500 - Samsung Galaxy 2 (7.0") Verizon install (4 hours)

    So, after reading the forums and over-thinking this install I decided to go a simple way. I wanted my tablet right away and I didn't want to screw around with fabricating and perfection.
    So, I bought a Samsung Galaxy 2 (7.0") from Verizon. Tied it into my account, $10 extra a month and it shares my 4GB of date with other 2 phones.
    First I took the dash/bezel off. Removed the factory radio. Removed the radio cage. This is what I ended up with.
    Name:  IMG_6020.JPG
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    Then to make things simple I built a little wooden support for the Galaxy. It fitted into the place where the radio cage use to sit. Then I bought OtterBox Defender Series Case and attached the rubber part of the case to the new wooden cage.
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    Then I just took the tablet that's already in the plastic part of the OtterBox and insert it into the attached rubber cover. This keeps the unit in place, PLUS if I need to remove it, it's easily done.
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    Then I inserted the wooden peace with the tablet into the place where the radio cage was.
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    On one side I have the 3.5mm to RCA coming out. That will be running to my new Alpine amp with speakers.
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    And on the other side I have the power plug that comes out into my DC power. I will probably wire it directly later, but it's fine for now.
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    Now on the dash/bezel part. All I did was take the dremel and cut the plastic that was covering part of the screen. It's not perfect or beautiful, but it's fine for what I need. In the summer I might get a new bezel and do a better job, but with freezing cold in MN this will have to do till then.
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    Since the power button is inside, I drilled a hole on top of the bezel and will install some kind of a button, maybe make it from a pen. I really should not need this once I figure out all the power options on the tablet.
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    But that's about it. Here is the ready unit.
    Name:  IMG_6034.JPG
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    Video Skyping on Verizon network, works really well.
    Name:  IMG_6036.JPG
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    Thanks to Dluvr22 in my original POST.
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