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Thread: 2013 F350 Supercab Dually Flatbed

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    Replaced the offending Normally Closed Push Button with a Spring loaded Normally Open toggle switch. All better now.

    I have a wired ODB2 to usb cable someplace but decided I didn't want a wire dangling down by my feet. Plus, I thought it would be cool to be able to wirelessly diagnose cars of friends by just plugging in a wireless ODB2 interface, so I ordered a Bluetooth ODB2 adapter today from mp3car.

    It needs a bit more cleaning up but ... a picture of where I am right now...

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    Looking good! You have come along way in a short time SNO

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    Neat install and great worklog. Lots of interesting bits. One of the very first apps I ever wrote for Centrafuse was a control app for my Uniden BT8 scanner. A little bit silly, since like you, the actual radio was only about 10 inches from the touchscreen. Still, a fun project and I did eventually move it back behind the rear seats. Also, to answer a question from WAY back in the thread, I ran a router that supported a 4G dongle for it's WAN connection and linked my carPC to that. Fiddled with a pan and zoom IP camera for a little while, but the resolution wasn't very good and vibration made the picture kinda suck.

    Press on!

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    Weeding out crappy equipment I guess is part of this whole game.

    BU-353 GPS receiver lasted about it week before it stopped locking on to satellites.

    Alfa AWUS 036 NHR wifi lasted about a week as well.. Became intermittent and then stopped altogether.

    My guess is that the hot car (high 90's in the sun maybe?) killed them both.

    New, different stuff on order... lets see what happens.


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