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Thread: The NEW Frontier A motorhome restoration.

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    I hate peltier systems, I had a wine cooler that used that system damn wine was hotter than outside of the cooler. I like the system in the refridgerator in the RV, it uses heat either from heating elements or propane to heat an ammonia solution seems like a very effective solution. If I could use the heat from the roof to heat the ammonia that would be a bonus. But I really don't see an easy way to do it. For now I will just install the 300watt's of solar panels and keep them as cool as I can, hopefully the white knight flex-roof will help with cooling and I always leave a good 2 inches under solar panel just for some ventalation. I have some panels on my changehouse/washroom for the pool at home that powers the lights in both rooms and they can get pretty damn hot on a sunny day. SNO

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    The wine cooler wasn't set to heating was it? Or reverse connected?

    And I wrote about this recently - somewhere - but I finally understood why people spent >$1.000 for mobile compressor fridges. In my case, an Engel 40L (and NOT its "W" competitor).

    I started with a $145 ~35L Peltier. Though excellent as an esky (unpowered; ice would last 3x longer), it would draw 6-8A and that would only cool to "20C below ambient". I already had ~100W or solar but would need another ~100W which was ~$750 at the time, plus another battery. And all that for a mere 20C cooling for 24 hours assuming sunny days.
    Hence my $900 (RRP $1300) Engel 45MT (or whatever) with its max 2.5A draw that would cool to -19C in +45C heat. In practice she draws ~1.25A and for FAR less duration than my Peltier.
    My old 38AH AGM battery had no problem powering her for 24 hours.

    I once wanted an absorption type aka 3-way cooler thinking that gas was the way to go (before the greenhouse effect became formal LOL). But 3 things have since occurred: LEDs & flouros have replaced gas lighting; solar is economical & viable; and I want cooling whilst mobile. And when it comes to using electricity, the absorptions are shockers. Plus they don't have freezing capabilities of the compressor types.
    I had considered modifying the absorption's heater to be solar fired (parabolic mirror etc), but no, the Engel etc wins hands down.

    So now I have a 40L compressor fridge which I can use to create ice or chill "Techni Ice" packs that I transfer to a 60L "super" esky where ice lasts 3 days in 40C heat.
    Without solar, I merely have to run my engine for maybe 5-10 minutes to charge the fridge battery for another day or 2.

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    Small update: Made a battery box area for the solar batteries in the bottom of the closet (was very deep, too deep) It will hold 2 deep cycle 120AH. Still need to add a vent on the outside of RV for batteries.
    Name:  batteryopen.jpg
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    And the computer cabinet is using the same closet but the upper portion Jetway nf9 w/ i3-3.2ghz, 4gig, seagate 500gig hybrid, HD, XM, Phidget 1018, TPMS, front and rear Parking Distance, usb 5.1, 12 onboard usb, 6 port ram hub.
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    Computer running Driveline (of course)
    Name:  computerrunning.jpg
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    More to come just finishing off some things. SNO
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    What job :-)

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    Very clean install! Your whole project is coming out nice, keep up the great work!

    I am also using a variation board, Jetway NF9G. Same board but socket G2 for mobile processors. In fact most of my next install is the virtually identical to yours, including Driveline!

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