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    my contribution to the

    neodymium magnets to switch tablets on and off without getting access to the power button I just used tape, hinges are recommended this was just a simple test using nothing but magnets and frog tape.

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    That link doesn't work
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    You have to be a facebook member to see facebook hosted content. I took down my Facebook and Myspace pages when people I used to know in highschool started posting "inappropriate" photos and content, and HR changed our social media policy and started talking to people about keeping up proper appearances.

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    @ Dane Noro, generally most here post directly in this site for all to see but it's your call. I too don't have nor are interested in a facebook page, there are likely a few more on here the same position. I run a laptop and I would be interested in seeing what you have done!
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    I got a facebook acc but I'm still unable to see what's posted. To be honest, the message I see is usually used for a content that has been there but has been deleted (old link for example) but it is also used for links which are visible only to poster's friendlist or "friends to my friends", but we are not. In such situations I usually copy the "image location" but not the link of the page. This way I'm sure anybody will be able to see what I'm posting. Not to tell that a [ img] http ://image.location.lnk [ /img] tag could be used, so that it is better to read, but ...
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