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Thread: 2007 Ford Fiesta ST Nexus 7 Build

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    2007 Ford Fiesta ST Nexus 7 Build

    Time to put a worklog together fir this as parts are starting to arrive in the post.....

    I decided to use a N7 2012 3G as my head unit. I originally wanted to build an ODROID pc with touch screen but that was going to be far beyond my capabilities.

    So far i have:-

    N7 2012 3G with Timurs USB ROM installed
    Nova Launcher with a customised (allbeit basic) home screen interface
    90 degree OTG cable, not the Y type
    Self powered USB hub
    Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC ES9023
    Double DIN Fascia Plate
    OBDII Bluetooth Interface
    The DAC will be plugged into the existing head unit, which will be hidden, by means of a 3.5mm lead, thus using the head unit as an amp/controller for the 4 speakers in the car.

    Power-wise, i think the DCDC-USB-200 Intelligent converter or its 100w little brother may be my best weapon of choice, I found a 12v powered USB hub (Carnetix P5USB) which may have solved all my problems but the 500ma power output on each port was nowhere near the requirements to charge the Nexus.

    So, at the moment i think i have everything sorted, my only sticking point is the power source and cutting down the fascia plate to suit the N7.

    Loads of pics to follow but as a starter, here's a quick shot of my interface v1.0, Its basic, and the buttons need sorting out but im having problems with Nova as everything snaps to grid and i dont want it to lol.


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    Power supply has been ordered.

    Thanks to a bit of advice from MetalMan1 i have ordered these, For the sake of just under 8 GBP i ordered 10 just in case i manage to blow up a few. I have also ordered some heatsinks separately just in case. If they do all give up i havent wasted much money and will order a DCDC-USB-100 or 200 instead. Adding a fan to the heatsinks may also be an option but we shall see.

    My electrical knowledge isnt too good so if anyone could tell/show me how to wire a couple of these in parallel that would be great

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