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Thread: 2004 Ford Focus ZTS and Odroid U3

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    Quote Originally Posted by blafrisch View Post
    First off, very nice project. I would love something similar in my car but have always been worried about the always-running PC draining my main battery. Have you noted how long it takes for the ODroid to drain your car's battery down to where the DC-DC USB will kick it off?

    Also, what I do for internet on my tablet (2012 Nexus 7) in my car is USB tethering. Setting up Tasker to auto-initiate USB tethering on the phone when connected to a PC/tablet is pretty simple and actually charges the phone rather than killing the battery in short time. Also I've noticed that it was more reliable than Wifi or Bluetooth tethering. I think what you need on the ODroid is to compile in the NDIS drivers if they aren't already.

    Looking forward to seeing a finished project and hearing more, good luck!
    Thanks blafrisch,

    I had thought about USB tethering, but plugging it in everytime seemed like an inconvenience (especially while driving). I have the Note 3 so the battery life is pretty solid, despite wifi hotspot. There's an NFC tag under the dash to turn on the hotspot, which is far easier.

    I'm not sure how long it will go before killing the battery. I didn't drive for a couple days this week. It turned over just fine when I started the car. Those were after hot days with the Cpu fan working pretty hard. The next time I have a driving hiatus I'll take a multimetre to the battery. I never did set the kill threshold on the converter, so it'll just keep running. Should probably get around to that one day.

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    Thanks for that post. I found very valuable information for my own project based on your component list. Here's my idea depicted and here's my post about it:

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