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Thread: My Second Project: Jetta TDI PC with full Audio System incl. Sub

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    My Second Project: Jetta TDI PC with full Audio System incl. Sub

    I decided to post up my latest project, I bought this Jetta TDI from my brother to use for business travel as I have parked the truck for now pending engine repairs (it’s work log is here:

    Here’s the Car:

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    I installed these two Alpine amps, 2 Type “R” Alpine 6.5” in the front doors , a Pioneer sub and the car PC for my brother while he still owned it a couple of years ago. He just bought a new TDI with the factory BT system in it and did not want any of this stuff anymore so it stayed with the car.

    The original Sub box I build for him:

    This is an older Car PC that he bought used from the classifieds which came with a with 7” High Brightness 7” HDMI Lilliput mounted in a By-Byte dbl DIN bracket. He added a Sirius radio tuner with Mitch’s translator box to it but that was about it.

    I made a couple changes in the system after I got the car, I added a Clarion EQ up front to give me a hardware volume control, took a couple of 6.5” mid bass Infinities that came out of my truck and added them to the back doors. Plus took the X-Fi soundcard from the truck and added it as an external sound card. I also added a powered 6 port hub in the glove box.
    I ran RCA cables from the EQ up front to the back as well as a USB cable for the hub:

    Here you can see the 7” Lilliput plus the EQ fit perfect in the dash:

    I did a little sound deadening up near the fire wall to shield some engine noise:

    I installed a microphone in the overhead Sunroof control panel:

    More to follow shortly...
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    I had a new spare 10” RD Sonance Sub laying around that was shipped to me wrong when I ordered the 12” version of it for my truck project so I decide to upgrade the sub from the Pioneer 12” and make some more room in the trunk. Plus I had all of the supplies laying around to do it and the F/G resin was left over and getting old from another unrelated project.
    So here we go:

    Taped off the area:

    Added Foil to make release easier given the size and corners involved in this layup:

    Waxed the Foil:

    Got the supplies out:

    Precut the glass Mat as best as possible:

    Layed it up:

    Released it:

    Trial fitted it after removing all tape:

    Built a wood perimeter and screwed the F/G back to the frame:

    Add more glass and resin to seal the back to the side frame:

    Trial fit the box:

    Created an MDF front panel and routed the hole for the Sub

    Added more resin to smooth out back and added about 3 layers of resin/mat to the inside of the box to seal all seams:

    Wrapped the box in Ozite Carpet...(Yes I even had a roll of that in stock that I never used for a passed project)

    Added a bit of sound deadener right behind where the sub will mount and ran wires for the dual voice coils plus added a speaker terminal cup for connection:

    Added a Steel Chrome Autobahn Grille ( I’ve have a couple of those brand new lying around for years) and some LEDS behind the grille and wired to the trunk light which is now more or less shielded by the sub box:

    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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