Hi everyone!

I'm starting a carpc in a european 2010 civic (I'm italian)

I will use it mainly for music, and the monitor will be installed in the oem 2din location

This is the cockpit: http://gomotors.net/photos/14/c3/domylnie_fd423.jpg
And this is with the 2din panel (not my car): http://www.kalogeropoulos.gr/LH2Uplo...-DNX8220BT.JPG

I need good audio, GPS navigation, OBD2 for diagnosis, 2 rca camera (one rear one front), USB radio, steering wheel controls, and maybe bluetooth connectivity for my smartphone

I'm thinking of using these parts:
motherboard: ASUS AM1I-A Socket AM1 DDR3 USB3 SATA3 MiniITX
CPU: AMD Athlon 5350 R3 Series 2.0GHz Socket AM1 2MB 25W Radeon HD 8400 Boxed
RAM: don't know yet
PCI-E soundcard: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z 5.1 bulk (got this one on my PC and works fantastic)

Monitor: I don't want a regular 7" display, but a 8" inch... so that won't be any gap or frame like in the picture, the monitor will fit perfectly! Any suggestion for a good sunlight readable monitor?

The installation is a little tricky, because the climate control and the time/hour is controlled by the oem radio, so I need an adapter like this: http://www.hondabitz.co.uk/genuine_f...c_full_kit_lhd
For the controls I was thinking of using some kind of Joycon, since the steering wheel controls are resistive; plus a volume knob and a selector for switching the cameras in the slots near the cigarette lighter

Inside the armrest there is a aux-in line, I would keep it but ? don't know how to plug it in the pc since the line-in will be already used for the USB radio... suggestions?

Thanks for the help