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Please excuse my boyfriend's hairy, neon-white leg. He knows not what he has done!

Currently, the tablet is 3M-taped to some mat for custom framing because we have no way to neatly cut plastic or acrylic into that shape. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get it to wake up and sleep when I want it to. The touchscreen cannot wake the tablet from sleep, which is really stupid. I drive for 30 minutes+ almost every single day, so there would be almost no chance the tablet would die in sleep mode, and the trim piece it's behind takes about 15 seconds to remove if I actually manage to go too long. I'm thinking I will have to get the DCDC-USB Intelligent converter and wire it to the tablet's on-off switch. I don't really want to do that, since the idea of modifying the internals of a $100 tablet makes me feel a bit like crying, but I guess I would if I had to.

The tablet's UI will be a Rainmeter skin designed by my BF. He doesn't work on it much, so I'm confident he'll be done roughly by the time I just get a different car or something.

Behind the tablet is a 4-way amplifier by Quantum Audio. I don't remember the part number. I think all you need to know is that it was $40 and has a cracked solder joint somewhere between its circuitboard and all outputs. The designers did not sufficiently support the circuitboard, which is located upside-down against the roof of the amp so that when it's right-side-up, it pulls itself downward and away from where its electrical connections are by gravity. I "fixed" the issue temporarily by putting rubber wedges between the floor of the amp and the input jacks. I decided the issue is at the "output" end of the board because of how far and "just so" the end I can access easily has to be deflected for the sound to make it to the speakers. The amplifier is receiving power and functioning fine otherwise, hence my guess it's a solder joint somewhere in the audio-transmitting circuit. Sorry for the bizarre lingo; I am not familiar with the internals of an amplifier. I haven't opened the amp since none of the speakers receive sound when the joint isn't making a connection, so I don't have any idea where to look exactly.

Previously, I had the amp hidden with my hair-protection bright-orange beanie. Until the tablet is ready, we use my phone or an mp3 player hooked to the audio cable on the amp. I installed the tablet so that it looks less ...hackjob.