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Thread: UK based Rotary, BEWARE i ramble on and on

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    UK based Rotary, BEWARE i ramble on and on

    hi guys,
    i have been browsing the forum for a long while now and finally subscribed, mainly to document my build but also for the valuable advice you guys can offer.
    i am aware there are FAQ sections but my internet access is always very limited as i am a tour truck driver and am away a lot so im hoping i can use this thread as a one stop shop and not have to monitor 43 million different topics,
    if there are any problems with this please let me know

    (havent quite got to grips with your image policies yet but the links should still be valid)

    i will add a lot more detail later and throughout the thread but this is the quick overview and what i want to do , as i say help and suggestions are more than welcome, this technology has moved on lightyears since i worked in the audio industry

    right the car is a standard 12 volt affair, mazda rx7 rotary, most of my money has been spent on tuning this which is why this will be a very budget build

    when i got it, it was very chavved up and stood out, i have more class then that so it has been fully rebuilt and no longer looks like that

    i have always been a SQ guy and done lots of work with cabling, prepping cars and installing processors etc for perfect sound,
    this will not be in this build

    so i purchased a mini itx case and inbuilt system just because it was dirt cheap and was a package deal, i did all this before thinking about audio and visuals, rookie mistake
    -gigabyte mini itx mobo with passive fan or optional motor fan, j19000n i believe

    got 4 gig of cheap ddr3
    and of course a m3 atx psu to keep everything powered and have safe regulated boots and shutdowns / hibernates

    now to start this system was going to purely display readings from my Haltech ecu and enable live adjustments and mapping just like they would on a RR.
    got the software on it just perfect and installed a SSD and had it booting in sub 10 second range on a desktop psu until i install in the car

    then i got to the visual side, being japanese the car has a lovely big double din spot so i just got a cheap 7" non reactive screen as a tester, it actually looks alright and maybe able to power it off the mobo or a usb so thats even better. its a little smaller than the double din but that gives me a chance to install a bit of a tarty border

    then came the audio and thats where i lost the plot and need most advice, yes i could go out ands buy something like the asus xonar which i used in my truck build, but it may be overkill in a performance car that will be very noisy and poppy and bangy. BUT i cannot resort to using only a 3.5mm jack and a adaptor to provide sound to a amp and controller,

    it physically hurts my emotions to even think about it, a headunit hide is a option but space is limited and we would be still dealing with inteference and poor quality so im still stuck on this one.

    the space

    not to bothered about how much data is displayed as i have a racepak digital dashboard on its way that will be countersunk into the dial fascia that i removed all the gauges from

    THAN me being me and always making things hard for myself i thought back to my dailys insurance crash cam i have on the windshield and i thought wouldnt it be cool to have my in car computer also act as a dvr to 2 or 3 bullet sport cams so i could potentially have recorded kill cam footage digitally and not have to deal with go pro set up and batteries etc and yet another box for the dvr and avi split, but ahain this seems to be more of a challenge then first expected.

    so there you go. thats my big silly ideas i will search faqs and start threads when i really have to but would love to keep it all contained here. any advice / links/ contacts would be awesome and i can take criticism all day long so what do you think, am i asking too much from a carputer and small budget or may i be able to pull this off

    cheers for bearing with the long read

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    I use a behringer uca 202 dac and a minidsp. No sq complaints....the opposite in fact
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    top suggestion, makes me cringe a bit being a audiophile but i need to not get carried away, last time i built a SQ car i spent thousands and thousands chasing perfection that will never happen. now i just want to go fast , see what the car is doing and of course have something flashing at me saying danger to manifold,,

    one of those was obviously a joke

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