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Thread: Big Rig Techno Ride

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    Big Rig Techno Ride

    I have a Big Rig 2000 Western Star Semi.
    Here is a link to the pix:
    The in-dash monitor is for a camera system, the notebook is attached to the 1200 watt stereo system for playing MP3s, GPS , the PS2 (for online gaming),
    I only have one issue, I need to get the camera system ( compostie[RCA] input)
    into a converter from 4 input to one USB output and some warez to record.
    Any help would be great

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    I just wanted to see if I understand... do you have four cameras? And you want to be able to record the four cameras via USB? I'm not sure about USB but I have seen PCI cards that have four RCA or BNC connectors that will capture video or pictures from four different cameras at the same time. A company I worked for awhile back had a really kewl setup called the virtual mirror... anyway, it would caputer pictures from eight different pictures and display them on a screen... so you could have a panaramic view of yourself in a dressing room... anyway, I digressed... like I said though, I know something exists for in a PCI card... so maybe there is a USB version out there somewhere... good luck... oh, and if I'm misunderstanding what your looking for, sorry for my rant... TTYL!
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    ok The cams are RCA out
    I have only USB and cat 5 connection for the notebook
    I need to get the 4 cams into the Notebook
    pref USB 2.0
    does that help?

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    we talked about this a bit yesterday, if you search the forms i believe virtualdub can do this
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