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Thread: pics of my carputer progress

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    thanks for the comments yall.

    you know, i have been thinking about moving this pc to my supra more and more. i could make better use of it there, seeing as my maxima already does almost everything i need it to.

    in the maxima. pros- the pc would allow me to get them cool visuals from the playback, but my main goal was to add gps to the headunit- on the cheap. cons- the resolution isnt all that, and having any type of input device in the cabin would just add clutter.

    in the supra. pros- there isnt a stereo in there at all, the pc could be mounted basically anywhere other than the front seat considering the car is stripped inside. i could also use it to tune my standalone ecu if i decided to go that route. cons- im not sure how well the fuel cell will act with a pc clickity clacking electrostatic next to it. sounds dangerous.

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    Nice! I have the same car, and now I know I the screen will look great. What are you doing for radio?

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    How did you get that background to appear on the kenwood ddx 7015? video input from the carputer??

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