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Can you take a closer picture of the LCD mounted in the dash, so I can see what it really looks like.
Also are you planning to fill in the little openings at the bottom ( where you cut)?
Did you try your headrest monitors? How is the video quality? How did you connect them?
I will try and take some pictures tomorrow, but no promises - been real busy lately. I am not going to fill in the holes, I'm happy with the install and I am not looking to change any of it at this point.
The headrest monitors work great. The video quality is excellent and the kids love watching thier movies and music videos on them. They are powered by a seperate 50W DC-DC power supply mounted in the trunk. The video signals come though an S-video out from the motherboard which runs to an S-video to composite adaptor and then composite in to the monitors. The wires are run from the monitor down inside the headrest post into the back of the seat and out the bottom of the seat. Video cables are run the same.