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Thread: 1978 MotorHome "RVPC"

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    Cool 1978 MotorHome "RVPC"

    Hello all,
    I'm Brian, from Painesville, Ohio, USA. I have been lurking on this site for almost 3 years. I started a system for my 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. I got sidetracked and sold it for and unbeatable offer. My new project is a little different. It's a Motorhome. Heres it's specs:

    1978 Skyline "Lindy" Class C MotorHome
    ~Dodge B300 Sportsman Van Cab
    ~360ci 5.9l 2bbl Pushrod V8
    ~Torqueflite 727 3spd Automatic
    ~Dana 12,000lb rear axle & Suspension
    ~71,000 miles.
    ~NEVER in the snow, stored in climate controled building when not in use.
    ~Sleeps 6
    ~Totaly Self Contained
    ~Impeciable Condition

    The best thing about this project is that the canvas has so many opportunities. I am building it based on needs. I camp lots with friends and also take it to a lot of outdoor parties in the area. Here's what I want it to be able to do in order of importance:

    Minimal Alteration of RV / Good Finish on Install
    MP3 Playback
    DVD Playback
    Good Sound Quality
    GPS Navigation
    MPG/AVI/WMV/MOV/etc. Playback
    TV Tuner Capable
    Wireless Remote Keyboard & Mouse/Trackball/Touchpad

    MotorHomes are an unusual creature, because 1: They use both 12v and can be pluged to landline and 2: they have no ground points (they're built of plywood! ) Thus far, here's what I will need/have:

    (X)=Have ( )=Don't Have Yet
    (x)Laptop w/ DVD playback & RCA output, 40gb drive, 256RAM, 1.2ghz.
    (x)Panasonic Head Unit w/ sub control
    (x)2 Pioneer IMPP 10" Subs & Box
    (x)Lightning Audio 450watt Amp (They suck, but I already have it)
    (x)4 6.5" Round Factory Speakers
    (x)2 1.5" Dome Tweeters (Brand Unknown)
    ( )30' RCA Audio Wire
    ( )30' Power AND Ground Wire
    (x)8" LCD w/ RCA Input (thanks Cartunes!!!)
    ( )TV Tuner Card via PCMCIA or USB
    (x)Wireless Keyboard w/ Touchpoint built-in

    Please Give me some Input on what you all think. Those who've messed with an RV before, please give me some insite. I am going to try to have it all running from 12V which is ok even when the engine is off because it will charge the onboard batteries when the landline is connected.

    Chat with you all later, and my next posts will be for pics!


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    Any input, thoughts, suggestions on install or functions?
    1978 "Lindy" MotorHome
    ~Dodge 360ci 5.9l V8
    ~Impeciable Condition
    ~Presario 1700 Laptopw/ DVD, 40gb, 256RAM
    ~Aiwa CDC-X207 Head, 2 Pioneer 10's, 6 Components
    ~Lightning 450watt Amp
    ~8" LCD
    ~Wireless Keyboard w/ Touchpoint built-in

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    I am also working on a motorhome install. I have been looking at this website for years and decided its time to do this!
    I have a 1978 Dodge TRansVan Class D motorhome. Sleeps 4. 360 w/727 tranny.

    I just bought this about 2 weeks ago. Had blue shag carpet everywhere. I just got finished gutting the interior, and got some new brick laminate flooring layed down.

    I will be ordering my carputer and accesories mon. or tue.

    It seems like im wanting to same thing out of my carputer install that you are. Only thing extra that im wanting is Wifi for my cell phone and XM radio. My van has no stero or speakers in it, So I will be relying on the carputer for everything!

    I also do tons of camping and will prob. be listening to music outside of my RV, so im thinking about installing 2-4 outdoor/marine speakers on the outside of the van! They won't be mounted permantly, but will have a bracket so i can easily take them on and off, with some quick relase wiring!

    Thats about the only extra thing that I have thought of doing to my RV.

    Ill keep any updates posted here and hopefully get some picture soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman_44077
    ~Torqueflite 727 3spd Automatic

    Sorry to be an *** but,



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    Motorhome Upgrades to Skyline Lindy

    I understand that your post is somewhat dated, but I did add some updates to my Skyline Lindy Motorhome. Some were as easy as going to your local Wal-Mart.

    I installed a Jensen HD 5112 radio that would play Mp3 Cds, has an I-pod dock to play your playlist, it also, plays USB flash drives but only upto 200 songs/files per device. it also, has an audio input jack so you can attach your cell or other Non-Apple Mp3 player into the jack and play all of your tracks. The cell phone will require a special adapter cord to go from its audio jack to the 3.5 mm jack on the radio. This jack also comes in handy to hook up DVD players and Gaming systems to the Radio for a Surround Sound effect.

    I switched on the Skyline Speakers with JVC triacs (small round) of the smae size. I added a Cobra CB radio with Weather and Alert. This Radio will sound a waring even if off, when Bad Weather is heading your way. Click on the radio and hear the Warning. Gave me a heads up when I needed it.

    The Wireless Computer was also easy. If you have a MicroCenter in your area, go ther and find an old Platform "B" style (computer fits under monitor/ Old MAC style) machine with XP installed. The Refubished HP I bought cost less than $300 with memory upgrades. It had plenty of USB ports to plug in a USB Wi-Fi card. I plugged it in, installed Wi-Fi software, and I was online. I tested it on my home wireless network with no problems.

    I also purchased a Hawking High Gain Antenna with adapters to give my Wi-Fi card a boost by connecting to a Antenna mounted on my RV ladder.

    Check Wal-Mart, RadioShack, and MicroCenter for the above equipment. If you do not have a MicroCenter near you go to to check out refurbished computers.

    I plan on upgrading my Jensen radio to a HD radio with Video playback. it has a Video screen and more possibilities. I would also suggest finding some video monitors (Headrest Style) and mounting them in sleeping areas, and hooking up Monitors to a control console so you can have a DVD play on all or just one monitor. You decide.

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