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I have a 2002 Civic Si and I'm starting to work on my CarPc as well. I'm using a Dell D600 Laptop to do mine. I'm trying to find a decent screen to mount in the Si dash without keeping the stock head unit. I want it to be a VGA Touchscreen like the Xenarc and Lilliput. I also have a 5-channel amp that will run all 4 speakers and sub off of one stereo input without using splitters.

Good luck with your project!

I don't think I understand you, you do or do not want to keep the stock HU? Personally, I want to keep it in place just so I can have radio and play CD's (not like I do much now, but I hate to lose functionality) I am planning on putting a DWW-7VGA on the bottom DIN where the pocket is now. The only thing that concerns me is when I swivel the screen to the left (since the dash has quite a slope to it, as I'm sure you know) if it would bang into the volume knob on the HU. In that case, I would rip out the stock HU, probably invest in a semi-cheap amp, and go from there.