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Thread: 2000 Pontiac Trans Am carputer install

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    That really sounds nice. i think i'm going to investigate how much I can find a PXA for. The SWI-X sounds like it'll work well, maybe I'll try it... After all, the Audigy 4 card I bought came with a USB IR sensor, and a remote.

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    I just did a small write up on how I got my steering wheel buttons working on the PC.

    Your current USB IR reciever might work depending on whether there is a Girder plugin for it. Once Girder can see it, your home free. You can program the remote to do everything and the steering wheel to do the 8 most commonly used buttons.

    I'll try and investigate your remote to see if it will work.

    Here's a pic of the Alpine remote below. It's smaller than the RDAT, but thicker as the knob can pop out.
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