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Thread: Finally Started

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    Well, I got everything installed, including the 5v POL switch on is taken from the AccOn wire (same wire that runs to the M1 ATX).

    I did have 1 problem with USB devices not working after a reboot but I traced this to the M1 ATX settings 1 was using (0001 - 10mins PC off / 1 hr Hard Off). A work arround for this was to change the M1 ATX to 1000 5 seconds and 1 minute that way all I have to do is take the key out for 1 min and everything would work well. I suppose a long term solution is to run the POL switch on wire from the ATX 5v rail or to find a way for XP to reconnect properly.

    I sat with it a week and went too and from Scotland (very long way) and I was happy, even got NaviVoice working to voice control the sound.

    I tried and failed to get GPS working on an old copy of MapMonkey using the old D3 dll I had but it didn't keep a signal after a reebot - don't know why at the moment.

    I then bought a webcam for my video blackbox and installed it and this is where my problems have jsut hit me - it now takes 3-4 minutes to boot (used to take 1min 3sec from key to music) and I just can't find the stupid service, dll or whatever that's causing the problem. Despite using boot vis etc. I right on the edge of taking the damn thing out and reinstalling windows fresh.

    Status: [000000----] 60% - Basic installed and working - Phase 1 nearly there!

    Spec: Epia MII 12000, K301 7" InDash VGA, Jabors VW Interface, Slim Slotload CDRW/DVD, 512MB RAM, 2x40GB 2.5" HDD, 512MB CF Card.
    Planed: WiFi, USB GPS, BlackBox Video

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    sounds interesting! Im also looking forward to pictures of your set up specially since you are using the K301 InDash VGA. I'm currently researching displays and that is one that is on my fav list.

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