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Thread: 98 Dodge RamPC

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    98 Dodge RamPC

    Had to finagle a little bit with the slimline cd-rom adapter, but I got it to work.
    I drove the thing from Denver, Colorado to San Clemente, California. 14 Hours averaging about 80 mph.
    It works great. Now I need an amp to hear it, and a place to mount it to see it. lol

    Lilliput 7 inch TS
    EPIA M10k
    1 gig ram
    200 gig maxtor HDD
    Panasonic Slimline DVR thingy
    M1-ATX 90 watt smart powersupply

    On the way:
    Nothing right now...

    Still need:
    Some fancy screws and stuff....
    An amp...........
    Mounting equip.....
    Stuff I'll figure out later....

    Oh, and if you do some digging you can find some stuff for CHEAP/free.

    Here's what I have:

    I might end up scrapping the whole case, but it'll work for now.
    Just cut some holes in the lilliput box.

    Not exactly sure where I'm going to put the screen though. That's going to be hard.

    6-19: Installed XP Pro, Touchscreen software.
    6-29: Installed fans, cd-rom adapter. Endurance tested it.
    Pictures coming soon..

    Questions? Comment? Ideas?
    {---------[]-----------} 45% - Waiting for last piece...
    Stupid slow shipping.

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    haha, nice case... That's actually a kind of cool idea, to use the lilliput box.

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    Haha I had my 1st EPIA rig (733MHz-- the original) built into its box for over a year, lol. It worked fine. I was using it for a fileserver then so case didnt matter.

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