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Thread: '99 Mercedes Sprinter Install Progress

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    '99 Mercedes Sprinter Install Progress


    First build case: Adapted old small rackcase (needs work to make it look good and close all the unused holes)

    MB: EPIA Mini-ITX with Nehemiah core @ 1Ghz
    Memory: 512MB PC2100
    Communication: USB Bluetooth stick, Bluetooth GPS receiver, (USB WiFi adapter to come)
    HD: 250GB Maxtor @ 7200rpm
    Screen: 7" TFT Touchscreen Newvision NW-619VT (plus USB and VGA extension)
    DVD player (plus an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter from an external HD)
    A mouse and Keyboard (illuminating keys)
    Powersupply: ATX 240V - 300W + Invertor 12V-240V 300W


    Head Unit: Kenwood KDC-PSW9524, 4x50WMax
    Amplifiers: MTX Thunder 2300X, 1x800WRMS @ 4Ohms - Excaliber 200.4, 4x100WRMS @ 4Ohms
    SubWoofer: SPL Dynamics PRO12D2, 500WRMS, DVC
    Speakers: Front - for now the originals, Rearfill - prolly Pioneer 21cm coaxial, we'll see...
    Capacitor: 1.2Farad @ 24v, Blue voltage display


    Camera's: One camera for parking, one for looking backwards...
    RF Remote: For putting my alarm on/off, or eventualy somthin else...

    The stuff in italic is laying here, but not installed yet, the carputers sound enters the AUX in of the Kenwood via a home build adapter.

    To Do:

    - Hide visible wires
    - Mount my DVD player on a better place
    - Mount PC startbtn and power/HD leds on the dashboard
    - Mount Camera's, install the wires, make powersupply
    - Pull + PowerCable and install Amps, Sub and Speakers
    - ...

    Much to do , hope to pretty soon post some pics up here!

    If you guys have some tips and ish, please let me know!


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    Nice to know

    that I'm not the only one that has one of these and is doing carputer stuff.

    Pics & further details PLEASE!

    Is yours a cargo or passenger van?

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