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Thread: 2002 Grand Am Carputer

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    Just cuase I ask questions, doesn't mean I stop looking for an answer.

    Grand AM GT
    7" touch screen
    1.3 ghz laptop (win XP)
    replacing the stock sound.
    red ground effects
    wireless keyboard, mouse and remote.
    GPS,Bluetooth,Wi-FI,FM tuner.

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    2002 4 door Grand Am GT

    Hi figured out a way to wire in the head unit into my monsoon amp and i am planning to use the xenarc 700 IDT above my HU i need to map it out but i will post wiring schematic for an aftermarket HU through the monsoon amp tommorow most likely i will post.
    PS My JVC head unit make the speaker hits so hard going through the amp that i had to turn base down -3 so i would not blow the speakers otherwise it sounds amazing.I plan on replaceing factory speakers.

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