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Thread: 65 Mustang Install

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    65 Mustang Install - Updated 9-8-05

    Hi guys I am new here and thought I would start my worklog. I have been collecting items for my carputer install on my 65 Mustang.
    You can check out the car and its current install at

    Here is my carputer list:

    Xenarc 700TSV 7" Touchscreen Monitor
    Xenarc SC-3
    P4 2ghz CPU
    40gig HD
    512mb PC3200 memory
    Toshiba Tray Slim Drive DVD/CDRW
    Mini wireless keyboard
    Targus AMP01 for use as a mouse
    Bluetooth Dongle for my IPAQ 6315 connection
    USB Netgear Wireless
    USB SD Card reader/writer
    BU-355 GPS
    Two CCD Color Camera's
    Mic for voice control

    Win XP
    MB Monitor
    KLite Codec Pack
    Iguidance 2.1
    RoadRunner Frontend with LS3.0 Skin

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    Well I added some pics of my console build. The monitor in there now is only a 5" Mobile Authority which will be replaced with my 7" Xenarc touch. The control in front of the cup holder is my Custom Autosound Sercret Audio. The aluminum cup holder is from a newer stang. Now I just have to make a shifter bezel.

    I also included some pics of the insides of the Xenarc SC-3. I just have to wait for the memory so I can boot it up and install the software. Then comes the install.

    Tell me what you think.

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    Damn! You beat me to it! I've got a 61 Falcon I'm putting together and plan to run a CarPC in it. Good job, so far. I'll 100% for sure be checking out your progress. Keep it up!
    I'm not a noob, I just lurk a lot.

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    Well all the hardware came in except the GPS.

    All the software is basically loaded:
    WinXP Stripped To The Bone
    XP Lite
    Nero (might as well make use of the CDRW/DVD)
    XP Tools for tweaking
    Klite Codec Pack 2.53

    Don't need much software other than that.

    Now I have to modify my custom console and remove the 5" Mobile Authority and try to fit the 7" Xenarx

    Run a remote power and reset switch.
    Install CCD camera's.
    Remove the Blaupunkt ME-1 and install the carputer.

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    Here is a little update:

    I finally got around to modifying the console I made. It used to hold a 5" MA. Now it holds the Xenarc 700TSV. I will probably wire everything up on Thursday or Friday.

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    Wow! , Im not a fan of ford , (more of a gm / chrysler muscle car guy) but you cant beat an american muscle car with a carputer! Thats unique

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    wow i love the custom center console.

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    Ok, well it is basically complete. I just have to finish the battery connection under the hood but am waiting for a new fuse box. Here are some pics:

    A mess of wires:

    Glove Box Mount:

    PC power and monitor power:

    Testing before install:

    Glovebox PC Mounted, I just have to make a cover for the face:

    Finished Install:

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